Top 10 Amazing Qualities That Constitute Inner And Outer Beauty

    Beauty is a word used to describe the combination of qualities that give pleasure to the sight and mind of an individual. Without a doubt, beauty is a pleasing feature. Beauty can be classified into two, which are


    1- Inner beauty
    2- Outer beauty

    Outer beauty is the physical appearance of any individual. The main part many people consider as a beauty tool is a face. The face constitutes of the eye, nose, mouth, cheek etc. Many people use the facial view to grade. Different people with different view of the point on something. As a popular saying, beauty is the eye of the beholder. What I see as beautiful might not be seen as beautiful for you.
    Inner beauty is not sometimes appreciated may be because of its inner feature, that is, it is not physical part that is seen and felt by people. This is not the facial view you can see and draw your view of being beautiful or not. The inner is the essential part of life. For me, I prefer the inner to the outer beauty. Though the outer part is important but the inner part is the most essential and paramount.
    However, it is very pertinent to note that not only the outer part that makes you beautiful but also the inner part plays a major role. The inner part is vital because whatever you exhibit or display as behaviour to people is as a result of the Inner force. I am not saying the inner supersedes the outer part but the inner plays major and vital role, though the individual has different and hold the thing in a different manner.
    Furthermore, beauty is not only a characteristic of ladies or women. The general assumption is that it is only associated with women only. The assumption and mentality are wrong, this feature is for all human being. Gender does not determine the grade of your beauty. Only other people looking at you can determine the degree of your beauty. It is a feature that you cannot hide, the outer beauty is visible but the inner part which is even tricky cannot be hidden because you will surely exhibit it.
    These are the top 10 AMAZING qualities that constitute your INNER beauty.


    Trust, one of the qualities that are rare to be found these days. Trust constitutes of reliance, honest, sincere and harmlessness. An individual with this quality is seen as being beautiful.


    Patience is one the qualities many people don’t have these days. People want things quicker these days. The act of being calm and accept a fate is almost nowhere to be found in some individuals except people with inner beauty.

    3- LOVE

    The word love is not something strange to you. Love is here and there but what is really the love? Love is not the relationship act between two couples but the real love is love for the humanity. Hate nobody even your enemies, love everybody.


    The outer one with a selfish attitude is not worthy at all. One of the Inner qualities is the ability to think of other people’s interest though not at the expense of yours.


    As I always say, endurance leads to enjoyment. You must ensure first of truly you want to enjoy at last. Also, endurance shows the inner beauty of individuals.


    Kindness is also one of the rare habits people exhibit today. Some people don’t even care about other people in the environment. Being kind is one of the Inner qualities you should exhibit to complement your outer beauty.


    Another quality I cherish most is the ability and act of not thinking that you are better than other people. The act of being humble is also rare, many youths have lost this habit as a result of the pride in them. However, pride leads to destruction, being humble can get you anything.


    Maturity is not determined by age at all. Maturity can be determined by your level of understanding and sensible attitudes.


    Perseverance shows your ability to keep on trying to achieve a goal or objective despite the obstacles on the road. This quality is one of the qualities of Inner which shows how to determine you are. It says the beautiful things about you.

    10- RESPECT

    Showing respect to other people is one of the qualities that exhibit your inner beauty. Respect is not cheaply found because arrogance has taken the mind of many people nowadays. Also, try to show the feeling of admiration to other people for their achievements.
    Finally, these amazing qualities are not just only the qualities that constitute the inner beauty of an individual. Therefore, there are many out there,  you also add to these lists.
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