5 Things You Should Do To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

    It is important to treat our partner in a wonderful way. We should not forget that if a man fails to treat his girlfriend in such an amazing way. Another man from another angle might snatch her away for treating her well.
    Let’s discuss five things you should do to make your girlfriend feel special.

    1. Write a letter to her 

    It’s a dying art boy really need to revive. Write things you usually never say to her. Tell her what she means to you, let her know how lucky you feel to have her in your life. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just straight from the heart. It may seem too old fashioned for your personality but the excitement in her eyes would be definitely worth it.

    2. Cook something

    This is slightly complicated. Cook together if possible, Chances are, it’s going to be a mess but there’s going to be enough romance to fill your appetite.

    3. Have a heart to heart conversation 

     Sit her down and have a one to one conversation with her about where she’s headed in life, what
    she wants to do, what her dreams are. Very often, we neglect the most important people in our lives. make her open up to you about what she wants to do in life. Discuss what problems she is facing, Be her motivation, give her that slight push she needs, help her realize and achieve her dreams in life. One conversation is all it takes.

    4. Surprise Date

    Take her out on a drive through the city, have dinner at a vintage restaurant, and stop by at a bakery on the way back, for dessert. Make sure that the place should be something new or other than the regular place you used to hang out. Don’t just go to the new restaurant down the street. Put some thought into it.

    5. Gift

     Get her a gift, a nice, thoughtful gift when it’s not her birthday or your anniversary. Buy something she always wanted to buy but never did. My suggestion will be, get her a book by her favourite author. And enjoy the LOVE she will shower at you when you’ll succeed in mission to make her feel special
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    1. Welcome China Dogwe. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution. Guys need this kind of article. Some men don't care about their relationship so this might touch their hearts to stick with their lovers. Thanks

    2. There are plenty of ways to make your girlfriend feel special and you've nailed them. It's nice to do these things with someone that's very special in your life, it's rewarding to be honest.

    3. Welcome Elizabeth O.. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your meaningful contribution. You have said it all, a special way to treat the special person.

    4. Welcome Lana Slaybell. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your meaningful contribution. Lana Slaybell, SABTrends wishes you a special person that will treat you in a special way.

    5. I think letter writing is a lost art but it would really warm someone's heart when they receive one. It would also be great to give them surprise gifts and dates.

    6. My boyfriend is not that kind of a showy person, 2 and 3 very applicable to us. The rest on-going process according to him..hahahahaha…he's beside me now reading your post. Thanks a lot!

    7. Welcome Raine Pal. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution. I hope and think your husband will learn from this article to treat you in a special way.

    8. I agree with all your inputs about giving gift, surprise dates, heart to heart conversation, cooking for her and writing a letter can help women feel that we are loved.

    9. Well, you don't need to educate a man who is in love for he knows what exactly to do to his girl. Most probably, this will go for those who are still doubt if they are really doing it right, perhaps. (Do I sound bitter? lol)

      • Zwitsy, you sound sweet lol. Man easily forgets thing. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution.

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