Congratulations! SABTrends Celebrates Her 1 year & Share His Experience


    SABTrends celebrates her 1 year of feeding people with realities and making life easier for the populace. Congratulation to SABTrends.

    Though it is not one year into the blogging world but one year of SABTrends domain name. No doubt, it has been one year of discovery, one year of experience and one year of connecting with interesting personalities. I can’t believe this how time flies that SABTrends is already one year.

    I am relishing this one year because the blog started from nothing and thank God today it has turned into something. Some years back, it has just been an idea, mere thinking, and dream but today the dream has turned into reality.

    When I posted the one year celebration of SABTrends on my facebook timeline this morning asked me are you sure you have been into blogging just for one year? because your blog looks like a 10 years old blog.

    Well, my reply was though, I started blogging not a year but does my blog really looks like a 10 years old blog? I started the blogging in 2013 to be precise but professionally I came back live into blogging in the year 2015. However, then in 2015, it has been but on 27/4/2016 I launched my domain name called which clocks a year today.


    Let me use this opportunity to give a detailed report about my last one year experience into blogging.

    Why I Started Blogging.


    Nothing is started without a reason. There is surely a reason for doing things. Well, should I say it is just a dream comes true or just satisfying my needs?

    Let me just say since my childhood I have just planned to have a site where people will be reading my posts. I just want to keep motivate and inspire younger ones so that we can have a better life. Maybe because what I have seen in my life as an experience.

    I could remember vividly then when was hot cake then with all this MTN cheat browsing. I also created a wapka site to post free browsing cheat, lol. The dream is I want to help the populace and make them happy so that we can have a better world.


    How I Started & The Experience


    To me, I never knew the word blogging was different from wapka or site. My dream is just to have a platform online where I can help people and make them happy. Though, I have been reading many blogs even without the differences. Blogging was not something I rushed into because whoever rushes in will surely rush out. Through research on the web and reading of many pdf materials I studied, I was able to be guided into creating my blog with

    SABTrendsWith Nigeria experience though, my belief was when you want to create a blog you must use your name. Unknowing to me that the scope is beyond that if you really have a vision like me. I started with News and Entertainment Niche, funny me. I was copying from this site or that site to publish on my blog. Later, I discovered that I was never happy and felt uncomfortable with the niche.

    I asked myself, I am not going outside the box? I need to sit down and think what niche can bring me satisfaction and also will be of satisfaction to my readers. To cut it short, I changed the niche to Motivation, Inspiration, Relationships, Health, Education and many things.


    Moreover, in the blogging world, you can’t-do it alone. I joined not less than 20 blogging groups on facebook both national and internationally. Fortunately, there is a particular Nigeria blogging group called “Bloggers Helping Bloggers” where I met people like Mazino, Amadou Zealmat, Promise Excel, Mikhail and many I can’t even mention here who helped my journey. From their pieces of advice, I learned many valuable things.

    Blogging was not easy for me because I was using a Nokia X2 Phone to do my blogging stuff. Don’t you believe that? That is what they called determination. Many things could not be done my phone. I usually got helping hands from Mathias Amadou, Mikhail Sulaiman and others then. To be frank, Mathias Amadou the owner of was always there for me whenever I need help. I spent a lot in the cafe to get things done too.

    Until that period 24th April 2016 when I contacted Amadou Mathias that I want to get my domain name. I could remember I worked as a co-author on some blogs to raise the money for my domain name. What even pushed was the denial of many companies who I proposed for guest posting or advertisement who says my blog is hosted by blogger. I also had a gig on Fiverr then on I will publish your guest post on my blog. When interested buyers message me send me your URL and I type that is the end.

    I realized I need to get this blog looks more professional by getting a domain and nice design. Choosing a domain name was stressful because I have learnt that using a domain name like might restrict the blog to a personal blog or deny me many opportunities. My vision is to get a worldwide blog with the target audience from any country, not only Nigeria. After many stressful days of searching, I later came up with

    Last year 2016 December, I moved from blogger platform to WordPress with the help of my boss Mikhail Sulaiman. I am determined to make this blog one of the best in the world. Day in day out I keep thinking of ways to make this dream come into reality.


    Investment on SABTrends

    Many people think blogging is easy. Some people even think whenever you have a blog then you are making millions. Whenever I say I am blogger, people tend to look me as a rich man. The fact is that blogging is not a free world.

    Image result for Investment on bloggingMy candid advice to those who plan to start blogging, bear it in mind that it is not a free venture. As the popular saying goes, “No free thing in Free Town”. If you really want to make cool cash in blogging you must be ready to invest your time, efforts, resources and money.

    So far so good, the investments I have made on this blog are;

    • Domain name
    • Hosting
    • Internet connection (Subscriptions & Cafe)
    • Ebooks
    • Fairly used laptop

    Do I need to tell you roughly amount I have spent so far? I have spent not less than N150,000 on this blog. This tells you blogging is not a free venture and not a day job.



    Image result for monetization

    Monetization is the only aspect many people tend to look when it comes to blogging. No doubt, I have tried almost all the monetizing methods I know and I have read about in the ebooks I buy. If I have to evaluate this blogging by preparing my financial statement with the income and expense of this blog then I believe I have to quit blogging because I have spent a lot than what I have earned from this blog.

    Though I have indirectly earned awesome cash online with Fiverr, Guesting Posting on Blogs and writing of articles. Therefore, I see my blog as a long term brand which needs to be maintained as a continuous process. I believe it is not always about money.


    SABTrends on Social Media

    Facebook Page likes: 902 (like my page here: Facebook Page)

    Twitter: 4929 followers (Follow me on Twitter here: Twitter Page)

    Instagram: 3202followersr (Follow me on Instagram here: Instagram Page)



    I am currently author or contributor on the following websites

    and many I can’t even many here

    Some of my articles published on lifehack are

    5 Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail

    3 Benefits of Effective Communication in a Relationship

    11 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Marketing in 2017

    Effects of Drug and Alcohol Consumption You Need to Know

    3 Major As in Marriage That Can Lead To Divorce


    Words of Appreciation:

    Whoever fails to appreciate has denied himself of another opportunity. I would love to appreciate everyone who has helped the journey of this wonderful blog in one way or the other.

    • Firstly, all praises and adorations are due to Almighty God for the opportunity given to me to start the journey and also keep on watching on the blog till now.
    • My Parents: Though I spent less time with them the support has been massive. Many posts I published are words of advice from them.
    • My Friends: I want to appreciate friends who have been supporting the blog by sharing any post I share on social media. I have friends who don’t care about the contents they will just share it with their friends. Thanks a lot.
    • Fans: Who is SABTrends without you. I appreciate your love for this blog.



    • Sulaiman Mikhail: A friend, boss, and master I have never seen with my naked eye but I have been ever supportive. God bless you abundantly. He is the brain box behind
    • Mathias Amadou: The owner of Zealmat Blog
    • Promise Excel: The owner of Promise Excel Blog
    • Mazino: The owner of
    • Muhammad Balogun: The CEO and brain behind the health blog SHD
    • Akintobi Jimoh Owolabi: A friend when are you in the tough moment is indeed a friend. Thanks for always being there for me. The owner of
    • Tunde Sanusi: The brain box behind TuhamWorld
    • Harry: A friend in the blogging who is also the owner of a relationship blog at

    I can’t mention everyone here If I didn’t mention your name don’t be annoyed you are all recognized. Moreover, I would never forget everyone who has been there for me in this journey so far. I just want to say a very big THANK YOU.

    Finally, what makes a blog is her readers. I want to say a big thank you to all my esteemed and wonderful readers from over all the word for your supports. Thanks a lot.

    SABTrends promises to feed you more with realities and making life easier for you.


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    Saminu Abass Ola who is popularly called ‘Mr. Possible‘ is a young motivational and inspirational speaker and writer, who is also the brain behind this wonderful blog. He is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.