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The Most Important 3 Causes of Middle Back Pain

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It’s a normal day, and you are performing your daily tasks as usual. Suddenly, you feel a concentrated sharp pain in the middle back (middle back pain). Small bones (vertebrae) comprises of 12 vertebral columns which are located at the height of the lower neck and the lower rib cage. When you slightly bend forward to pick up an object on the floor or slightly lowering your neck to taste the food.

You cannot possibly think of any sudden middle back pain causes. Also, either you choose to ignore the pain and hoping it would subside shortly, or start to feel worried about the surprising middle back pain. You could wonder whether it is self-inflicted or caused by past injuries.

If you are succumbing to occasional, reoccurring or constant middle back pain. It’s time that you need to find out the actual middle back pain causes rather than avoiding the problem.

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1: Past lumbar spine injury which has not been completely treated

If you have suffered lumbar spine injuries resulted from physical activities including doing house chores, exercise, sports, dancing and etc., in the past and you take such direct trauma for granted. This can be one of the common middle back pain causes.  If you do not seek adjustment on your back as soon as possible.

2: Damaged muscles at specific areas

Two different types of muscles, transverse abdominus ( a deep internal muscle that runs across the abdomen) and lumbar multifidus ( a muscle that links all spinal columns together). These have taken the role of maintaining spinal stability and optimum alignment. If these muscle types are severely impaired because of muscle sprains, both muscles fail to compensate. As well as to increase the resistance of the lumbar spine.

Similar to leg and lower-body injuries. It can affect the body posture and this can lead to secondary changes in the thoracic spine (associated with rib cage) and cervical spine (neck).

3: Under-use the muscles and overuse the spine

Muscles do not get enough healthy stress to remain strong especially when you are in the inappropriate position whenever you sit, sleep, walk and bend; as a consequence, the spine gets too much stress, leading to wear and tear. In addition, bending poorly is hard on the spinal discs and ligaments. This induces less activity on the muscles of the back. Hence, muscles lose strength while the spine condition is deteriorating.

4: Irregular blood-sugar control system

There are many nerves associated with the digested organs including gallbladder, liver, pancreas, small intestine, and stomach. These are located within the middle back area. Some individuals have experienced middle back pain after eating because excess carbohydrates increase the blood sugar level. Thus, lead to spine misalignment (also known as vertebral subluxation).  If this symptom is not treated early, untreated subluxation can affect your performance of your surrounding digestive organs. Subsequently becomes a threat to your well-being.

5: Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

Osteoporosis is a common cause of middle back pain among middle age individuals. Women, who are undergoing menopause, have a higher probability of experiencing progressive loss of bone density due to low estrogen levels. Hence, it weakens the thoracic vertebrae, causing slouching in the upper back.

Besides that, osteoarthritis – degeneration of the intervertebral discs between the thoracic vertebrae, is caused by the wear and tear of the articular cartilage. This surrounds the surface of the vertebral joints (or facet joints) when friction is produced during continuous rubbing moments between the vertebral joints. Thereby causing tremendous middle back pain when making forward flexion and hyperextension movements.

Once you have understood all the middle back pain causes mentioned above. It’s time to take action to relieve your middle back pains as soon as possible. However, you need to have a proper diagnosis from a physician before you start looking for appropriate solutions.