10 Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail


    I believe no need to define the term relationships. We all know the word relationships I meant with this post. It is a relationship that subsists between husband and wife. A relationship is beautiful, awesome and sweet where unity, love, and understanding exist between husband and wife. It is only in the days then that relationship lasts longer but at this 21st century of ours, many relationships fail and end untimely and unexpectedly. Many experts in counseling and guidance in relationship line have discussed on this issue but it seems this break of a thing still persists.

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    Though, many relationships of these days are not built on love rather than deceits. When a relationship that exists between partners is just because of money, fame, or other benefits than the real love that should be the bedrock of any relationship. With this, if there is no comfort and healthy living between couples then the union might break.
    Surprisingly, many young shall grow relationship often breaks on a regular basis, I ask myself is it because of improper orientation about what a relationship is? I know many people are also pondering upon this issue as I am why will a built relationship breaks in short period thereby leaving the relationship in agony thereafter settle for depression and sadness.
    No matter the problems or challenges you face in your relationship I believe you can avoid any unforeseen break-up or failed relationship if certain things should be taken care of. Let me state the ingredients or forces that cause a failed relationship or break up at the unforeseen moment. If you find yourself doing one of these things I will urge you desist from it now because it may hinder that long built relationship of yours.

    The following are the 10 common causes of a failed relationship

    Lack of Trust:

    Trust is known as an important instrument to solidify a relationship. When trust is hard to be seen in a relationship or fades away then such relationship may fail at any time. The first thing in any relationship is to trust your partner whatsoever the situation might be.
    Even, if you hear something unusual about her or him then be patient and verify such thing because it might just be a rumour carrying by dirty minded people who wish your relationship don’t last long. For this single reason, make sure the important and vital instrument called trust be always present in your relationship. When you fail to trust your partner or you just bring in an element of doubt in your dealings with your partner then such relationship can die untimely in short period.

    Lack of respect:

    As the statement goes; Respect is simply reciprocal, nobody can doubt that. A mutual respect relationship is needed to solidify any relationship. When there is not that mutual respect from both sides then such relationship loses its bedrock piece to break up. What is the essence of a relationship I am that I don’t deserve a respect from my partner?
    Mutual respect is a must in a relationship. With concrete mutual respect, then all other vital tools to solidify your relationship will easily come in. The tools to solidify and make your relationship to last longer are peace of mind, honesty, love, understanding, unity, others will surely exist and thereby you have a strong and lasting relationship.


    Honesty is very important in any aspect of life. Also, honesty is a must use tool in any relationship. No doubt, honesty is a necessary requirement for a platonic relationship let alone a romantic relationship where it must be needed. It is needed aspect of life like politics, business world, academic environment and other fields. Honesty is the laying block foundation for any successful project or objective. For this reason, you have to be honest with your partner in all dealings.
     Never try to engage in extra-marital affair which is called secret affairs. Secret affairs can tempt you to be a dishonest being to your partner. The only secret affair you can have is with your legal wife or husband. As I have mentioned above, mutual respect does command honesty thereof respect your partner. When respect and honesty are the bedrock of foundation of your relationship then other things come in easily. In the other word, when there is a breach of respect and honesty, the relationship is set to wind up, break up and fail untimely.

     Frequent Fighting

    Fighting will never bring any positive thing to a relationship than bringing it to an end. Lack of respect, dishonesty, using harsh words and frequent complaints will yield nothing as end product than fighting. A relationship that exchanges blow or a partner beating other partner has no future at all. Avoid physical violence and fighting your partner no matter the confrontation form him/her.
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    Patience is a valuable tool to use for a relationship. Impatience as said can destroy a mansion in a second. Therefore, you have to be impatience with your partner. Harsh words, frequent harsh and other discomfort things can come your way in a relationship but with patience, you can overcome them. I have read many papers that only rumours have destabilized their relationships. If you are not patience, a mere rumour you hear and you over-react can destroy anything.


    Maltreatment is a common cause of any failed relationship. Maltreating your partner is not something fascinating at all. Why maltreating your partner for any cause. This arises a lot and caused by husband because of many the responsibilities is saddle to the husband. Maltreatment can come in many forms but the major one is the financial aspect.
    When you fail to play your responsibility as the financial provider for your family then maltreating her then she can feel somehow. From the part of the wife, when domestic works to make your husband happy rather than discomfort. Maltreatment sends your partner outside to seek for better and fresh air which can lure him/her to a marital affair called secret affair then such relationship might fail.

     Insufficient time Spend With Partner:

    Time is very vital in one’s life which should not be wasted on unnecessary things or matters. Time spent with your family members or friends in worthy let alone your partner. You must always devote your time for your partner.
    Always find time for your relationship and don’t forget that whenever your partner feels abandoned then she can find all means to satisfy herself/himself outside the relationship. Never use your office work, trade or business as excuses not get time for your relationship. Statistics have shown that many problems in a relationship originated from loneliness and insufficient time with the partner.
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    Harsh Words and Frequent Complaints

    Experience has shown that the rudiments of many failed relationships today began with harsh words and frequent complaints. As a matter of fact, it is very important we mind our spoken words in the relationship. Though, there are times when words are exchanged for fun and amusement but don’t look down on your partner by complaining about any issue or her/his imperfection. You should also not take using harsh words on your partner as fun.
    Harsh words and frequent complaints are two ugly tools that destroy any relationship at its early age. With mutual respect in a relationship, honesty and understanding then you are guaranteed never to experience an early sinking of the ship of your relationship. Harsh words and frequent complaints will bring nothing other than disrespect, hatred, and dishonesty.

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    Frequent Unfulfilled Promise:

    Never promise what you will not fulfill. A promise to your partner make him/her in a fantasy mood to receive such promise at a stipulated date but failed to fulfill the promise may make her disgusted and sad. If this act persists, your partner might lose trust in you and she will hardly see you as honesty partner. Unfortunately, if someone one else outside promises her/him and surprises your partner with huge fulfillment. What do you think will happen? No matter how small your promise; thrive to fulfill it.

     Borrowing money Without Refund:

    A relationship is also a union to help each other at a hard time. Many relationships are falsely built on ‘for better for worse’ but when in reality it is only for better.  In a situation where you are financially handicapped and seek assistance from your partner and promises to pay back. Failure to refund such money reduces the respect rate your partner has for you. Many relationships have fallen apart today, not because of anything but money dispute.
     Finally, I believe if we can avoid the following stated points above then we have avoided the untimely collapse of a relationship. Many relationships have failed because of minute things and not taken cognizance of things like this.

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