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8 Amazing Qualities Men Desire In Women



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Every man has his own desires when it comes to choosing a woman. Physically, some men like the sexy type, some like the slim type, while some like the tall and curvy type. But the truth here is that most of these physical appearances and look does not really appeal to you. We do not only see the outside look of a woman but the inside look as well.

Below are important qualities that make a man completely fall for you.

1. An Adorable character

You know what? Your beauty does not so much appeal to us as your character does. Much time spent in beautifying your already pretty face can be spent in amending those ugly characters that do not befit a pretty woman. We do like it when you are your real self; we like to see you laugh with us the way you do laugh with your fellow friends.
What am I saying here? In the long run, we don’t really care about your beauty but what matters most is that adoring character you have in you. We love it when you are looking beautiful and sweet- it’s nice. But that won’t open your heart to forever love you.

2. A Truthful Woman

 Don’t go by the saying ‘truth is bitter’ and so, you wouldn’t want to tell us the truth because you don’t want to cause bitterness in our hearts. Well, it’s wrong if you think it that way. We love to hear the truth about you; about your past; about your family. No matter how bitter and ugly it may look, our ear yearns deeply for the truth.
A truthful woman would command more respect from men. You know what? It hurts us bad when we figure out the truth ourselves. So, it is better you are open to us and no matter how bitter you might look at it, we will understand you.

3. A Respectful Woman

In our today’s world, women find it ‘stupid’ to show respect and regard for the men. Even if you are in a higher position than a man, he still deserves to be respected. For you to win our hearts dearly, show us the respect we need in front of our friends and colleagues.
At least that shows we are important. Your money and position do not really mean much to us but your unreserved respect. We love women who can respect themselves first; we love women who can comport themselves, not women whose pictures are everywhere on social media with clumsy dresses.
Charity begins at home. We like women who are disciplined and responsible, not women who would sit down and get drunk with meaningless friends.

4. A Humble woman

 Humility is hard to find these days but if you can build yourself up to be humble; our love for you won’t wax cold. A humble woman is always submissive and that gives her quick ticket to winning a man’s heart.
Personally, I disgust women that brags and wouldn’t want to even listen to my opinion. I kick you out if you are one of them. I am not saying that you have to be kissing our feet every morning as you get up from the bed. Humbleness entails that you recognize the position of a man in your life. When you are humble to a man, no doubt he will quickly attend to your physical and emotional needs. Learn to be humble and you will speedily win the heart of a man.

5.  A Confident woman

Every man is always faced with one challenge or the other and the worst challenge comes if the woman is not confident of the man. In achieving dreams and reaching the peak of our goals, we truly desire someone that would always be there to pat us on the back and say ‘I believe we can’. A confident woman is a ‘help-mate’ as the Bible calls it. She crosses over the deep oceans and mountains alongside with the man. That is the kind of women we desire to be with.

6.  An Intelligent woman

 If you remove the world ‘intelligent’ from a woman, tell me, of what use is the woman to the man? An intelligent woman knows the things happening around her- she is always updated. Whenever we look depressed or too tired to think straight, that is where an intelligent woman comes in. she thinks for the man; she tries bringing back the right senses of the man. An intelligent woman figures out the problem facing a man and what will she do? She analyzes the problem and she solves the problem as well.
 That is why we need you; we don’t need you because of the latest perfumes or designer shoes you wear. Being intelligent does not require you going to Oxford University; it just requires you making use of the head and heart.

7. A Patient Woman

 There is nothing sweet and joyful as having a woman who is not only understanding but patient with me. And am sure that is what every man desires. We all know very well that sometimes, things tend to be going in the wrong direction we do not expect. You need money to get the latest handbags; make the finest hair and buy yourself the newest make-up kit.
However, when all these things are not forthcoming the way you want it, you are not supposed to mumble and grumble. A lovely man knows what his woman needs and would gladly provide it if the resources are there. But if he can’t, don’t worry; don’t complain but understand; embrace your man; encourage him and trust me, one day, he will do more than you had ever expected.
 A man needs a woman who can bear with him and if you are that type, believe me; you won’t regret ever falling in love with him.

8.  An Attractive woman

 This post wouldn’t be complete if the world ‘attractiveness’ is not included. We love a woman who is neat, smells nice and knows how to care for her body. A man is proud and boasts confidently to his fellow friends of how attractive this woman looks.
Some women complain that they don’t have the latest make-up kit. Don’t complain; you can still be attractive in your natural look. An attractive woman is always affectionate; she is such that makes the man always want more of her. After the day’s work, take your bath, wear a nice perfume and put on a sexy dress. Yes! We love it that way.
Wow! This is just it.
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Saminu Abass Ola who is popularly called ‘Mr. Possible‘ is a young motivational and inspirational speaker and writer, who is also the brain behind this wonderful blog. He is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.



6 Surprising Things That Women Want From Men in a Relationship



women want men
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Women are a unique creature of God to men. No man can live without woman when it comes to marriage. Marriage is not complete without the presence of a charming woman. Same goes with an adage that says, behind a successful man there is a reliable woman behind him. In a relationship, women desire some things from their partners. Many men fail to understand them which cost them their relationships.

No doubt, a lot of confusion and secrets surround what women want to take. Though the majority of men think that women are incredibly complex beings that knowing what they want is almost impossible. Women can easily be understood if their desire is met. In most cases, it is quite simple to understand them without any stress.

Women, like men, differ from each other. There are, however, some things that are common while there are differences in traits and behaviours.

If you’re wondering what these things are, check out these fantastic things women want from their partners.



Women want to be respected. Women and men are intellectually equivalent and as competent as others. Nevertheless, we as a man often try to take over, verify or ignore their contributions, not only in the workplace but also in relationships.

A good rule is to respect the respect you want and then show the same respect for women in your life. They say respect is reciprocal.



Honesty goes hand in hand with respect and is invincible in a healthy relationship. Practice respect for your partner by always being honest. Honesty is the key factor in any successful relationship. Therefore, never try to be smart with your partner. Lying to your partner will not bring anything good than to lead an abusive relationship or divorce.


Sex and Romance

Yes, I said sex. Women also want sex. However, do not forget romance. Although women are equally visually and physically motivated to have sex, they consider it a personal experience related to love. When you ignore your partner when it comes to the sexual affair, she might feel somehow. They could think you are having an extramarital affair outside.

Romance can stand alone. It does not always have to lead to sex. Romance can bring fun and also makes your partner feel that love again. See here 5 places and areas you can spice up a sexual affair with your partner.


Attention is the core things your woman wants from you as a man. Most women love attention. So get used to touching, cuddling and talking about the little things that happened during the day. These things help you to stay in touch with your partner.

She always wants your ear. She wants you to be with her with your body and soul all the days.



No one is perfect; your partner is inclusive as well as you. Couples can’t live without offending each other. Many men seemed to take minor mistakes made by their women and capitalized on them. As long as it does not threaten health, safety or relationships, try to accept her as she is. Just as men blame women for trying to change them, men can just be as bad as well.

Accept her the way she is, and she will do same. Understanding is the language of any relationship; if it is communication is rich in such relationship, then you are perfect.


When you stop thinking about why people enter into a relationship, you will probably feel love, children or all together. But if you think so, you start talking to the other person. Fun differs, so try to understand your partner what she feels like fun. Give to her and let her feel comfortable and happy always when you are with her.

Something about being together is happy and will never change. Women want to have fun almost all the time.

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An Interview With a Dating and Confidence Coaching, Eddy Baller



Eddy Baller confidence coaching
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Today, our exclusive interview is with an expert from Canada. He is an expert on dating and confidence coaching and advanced social skill with at least 6 years of experience. Mr. Eddy Baller shared his experience so far and discussed how to help men to be confident to approach women.

You can’t afford to miss this amazing interview session with Eddy Baller as he discussed tips on how men can overcome shyness when it comes to approaching ladies for dating and vice versa.

 Hello, please kindly introduce yourself to our community. (Education, State of origin, family background, business, project or whatever you would like us to know about you)

I’m from Vancouver Canada, love to travel, and have a passion for learning skills which can improve my life and the lives of others.

Tell us about your startup, Dating and Confidence Coaching?

My business is about helping men to become confident with women and in life. Too many guys are confused about their roles because of modern ideologies and don’t know how to be men.

How long have you been into it?

I’ve been coaching for 6 years.

How did you get the idea for the Platform, dating and confidence coaching? What inspired it?

This business was never planned. I started working on myself, and in particular, had an interest in dating. I realized that what I had learned was teachable. I also realized that I could improve my own skills by teaching it.

Why did you start this coaching career? Money? Passion? Hobby?

It was mostly a passion for women at the time but it has evolved into something that focuses on making better men.

Do you have people working for you or you do it alone?

I contract certain things out.

Who has been your greatest inspiration and also key role players in your life?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been my greatest inspiration. He’s done so much in his life and has been successful in all of it.

What are your plans to take your coaching career to the next level?

I’ll be offering online programs and masterminds to help a larger number of men.

As an expert who specializes in overcoming shyness and social and advanced social skills.  How do you think men can overcome shyness when it comes to approaching ladies for dating?

It’s very simple. Guys have to go out and talk to people. We can’t develop social skills by keeping to ourselves or just hanging out with people we already know. It’s important to do things which make us uncomfortable so that we can overcome our fears. Of course, being simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. That’s why guys come to me, so they can get training from someone who’s already done it and has helped other men do it.

What do you think are the solutions to problems facing women who are shy and inexperienced with men?

Just like shy men, shy women need to put themselves in social situations which make them uncomfortable.

What do you think are the ways men can crush personal obstacles to become the favorite that women cherish and adore?

Create a routine and build up positive habits. Also, eliminate bad habits. If you watch Netflix every morning that’s a bad habit which will demotivate you. Instead, replace it with a 20-minute walk, a workout, or a personal development video or audio. Most obstacles are crushed bit by bit by creating positive habits.

What do you think are the things women can improve to make them attractive to any man?

Style and fitness are the two main things. Men are attracted to looks. Learning to smile works too.

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How to solve the problem of unhappiness in a relationship (for both men and women)?

Look at your partner’s good qualities and don’t focus on the negative qualities. Appreciate them for who they are right now without trying to change them because of their flaws.

What are the inspired words you have for our readers (single or married about their relationships)?

Live long and prosper.

Lastly, we believe success is not a straight line. What do you think can motivate persons to achieve success in life?

People have to motivate themselves. Too many people are looking for some magical inspiration instead of doing the hard work which is required to make life meaningful. Stop thinking and start doing. Action creates motivation.

For any men reading who want to take action, they can go to to learn new skills and mindset which will help them get good with women.

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Think Divorce Is on the Rise? 4 Stats That Say Otherwise



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The divorce rates have been declining since the 1980s. According to the current trend, roughly two-thirds of marriage will never end in divorce.

A divorce is a tool that brings the joy of marriage to an end. Though it can come from both sides, it might be from the husband or wife, Whenever you feel you can’t cope and feel sad with a partner, it is better to be out rather than be in an abusive relationship.

Here are several factors that play into the divorce statistic.

Age Plays a Factor

8% of those who married between the ages of twenty-eight and thirty-two were less likely to get divorced. This appears to be an age at which marriages are more likely to last. Those who married under the age of twenty-three were more likely to get divorced.

Conversely, those who married after the age of 40 had a stable divorce rate. The rate was less than for those who had married at a younger age. This is likely due to people making decisions in their youth that they later regretted.

Education Level

14.2% of women who had a college degree were likely to divorce. This means that about 85% of women who had finished college stayed married. This may be due to the fact that these women felt more empowered to make their own decisions. They were more likely to know what they wanted in life. They were also more likely to marry later in life.

Having a well-paying job may also have contributed to this statistic. This group was also less likely to get married in the first place. Highly educated men were significantly less likely to get married when compared to their less educated counterparts.

The Effect of Children

40% of those with children are less likely to get divorced than those who don’t have children. This doesn’t mean that the children are the glue that’s holding the marriage together. A study showed that the overall happiness in the marriage decreased with the addition of children. This may be due to parents feeling united in raising their children. It can also be caused by parents worrying about the effects that divorce will have on their children.

Religious Affliction

74% of those getting divorced identified as Christian. This is likely due to the US having a large percentage of Christians. It is merely indicative of the makeup of the population. In general, those that share common interests are more likely to stay married.

Having something in common tends to create more wedded bliss. Those that are religious tend to get married at a younger age. This may put them at greater risk for getting a divorce.

There are lots of other factors that contribute to divorce rates. Consult with a lawyer, such as one from Olson Kulkoski Galloway & Vesely SC, to help you through the process.

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7 Lovely Ways on How To Handle A Relationship Break Up



break up
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A relationship break up according to Wikipedia, is often called simple break up, is the termination of an intimate relationship in a different way than death. The act is usually called “dumping [someone]” in slang when initiated by a partner. The term is less likely to apply to a married couple, where break up is usually called a divorce or a separation. When a couple is engaged to marry divorced, this is usually called a “broken union.”

Whether you were waiting for it, it initiated or simply came out of nowhere, managing a break like a man can be very difficult. It does not matter if this is the best for you or that you care about it, there will be the pain when things stop. Moreover, it is better to break up the now instead of wasting your time in an abusive relationship.

So, is it different men than women? Well, the answer to that is yes and no.

These are emotions and recognizing how you feel important. If you try to ignore your feelings, they will probably come up and become destructive.

To help you deal with a break-up, here are some tips to overcome difficult times.


Spend time with friends

Friend, couple or associates: everyone who cares about you and likes to be with him is a good bet at this time. You may feel that you would rather be alone, but exceed that desire and spend time with people. You do not have to worry too much about discussing your feelings with them.


Do not give in to the desire to send text messages and to call repeatedly

That persistent tendency to call your ex or send an SMS will always be there. Maybe the break was a mistake, right? If you could just talk, it might be right again.

Never try it. You have broken for a reason, and if it was right or wrong, both need time to get perspective. Repeated calling will not improve things. In fact, it can make matters worse.


Consider going back to the gym

Or if you are already there, consider taking on a new challenge. Training a half marathon or setting a new goal for the bench press can be a healthy physical outlet for your fear and emotional stress. Being physically active is also an excellent way to purify your mind. Then drag your sad self to the gym.


Let yourself cry

It goes against all the rules of masculinity, but crying is a natural reaction to grief and can be a very catharsis. You do not have to do this for other people. There are many benefits of crying that are good for your health.


Do not try to drown your grief

You always hear stories of men who cry and drink alcohol to forget. Skip this technique. Alcohol is a depressant and far from uplifting. It is more likely that you will feel worse, both physically and emotionally.

No doubt, with a different judgment, you run a higher risk of being involved in destructive behaviour. The battles of a drunken night or bar fights driven by emotions do not lead you to a break.


Be careful

Many people experience physical symptoms that are accompanied by intense emotions. Some people can not eat, feel physically ill or cannot sleep. Others overeat, abuse alcohol or other substances or sleep all the time. None of these is healthy options.

Try to ensure that you have the right diet and make sure you sleep at 7 to 8 am.



Very few of us go through life without a broken heart. If you have ever loved someone, you have taken the risk of breaking your heart for a break. Try to remember that everything is fine on time. As that time passes, you must do what you can to ensure that you are ready when your next opportunity for love arrives.

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Health Pro and Cons of Getting Sex Dolls You Should Know



sex dolls
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According to the Wikipedia, sex dolls are kind of sex toys that is a sexual partner to help with masturbation. The duvet can consist of a whole body with face, or just head, pelvis or other partial bodies, with accessories (vagina, anus, mouth and penis) for sexual stimulation. The parts sometimes vibrate and can be removed or exchanged.

Some of the first ducks were invented by Dutch seamen in the eighteenth century, which would be isolated on long voyages by sea. These masturbation dolls were made of sewing fabrics and were a direct precursor to contemporary sex dolls. The Dutch sold some of these sex dolls to Japanese during the Rangaku period, and the term “Dutch wives” is still used sometimes in Japan to refer to sex dolls.

Robots are known for performing tasks like houseboats, building cars and cooking food among other activities. With advances in technology, manufacturers have made sex dolls for six, which they can use for their private enjoyment. These robots are realistic because they make advanced movements similar to humans so that they can give sexual satisfaction and frolic. They also come with built-in heaters to provide enough body heat and sensors in their vital bodies to respond to their contact the same way people react.

Many have the dreamy sex partner they would like, and it is achieved with these robot sex dolls. Now you have the opportunity to customise a sex robot, depending on how you want it to appear. With a wide range of facial options and over 11 lip styles that are unique on your own. The robot jocks are made of silicon, which gives them a warm feeling when you touch them. Depending on the model that makes you happy, your sex dolls may show some personalities and characteristics similar to a human being. They are automatic and can provide orgasm and over 50 sexual positions. Giving you a wide range of positions to choose from depending on choice and taste.

Health professionals get a robot sex doll

Available at any time

Having sex with a robot is useful because you always have sex when you want it. It differs from people who apologise for why they can not have sex. The robot also avoids the many inconveniences that occur to people if they do not want sex with their partners. Many people are working class. Therefore, live a busy life without creating space for intimacy with your partners. The cookie sex dolls have come to close the gap because they will always be there for you when you need them and never let them down.

It reduces the rate of unwanted pregnancies. Many times when people become involved in sexual relationships that lead to unwanted pregnancies. When unwanted pregnancies occur, they cause problems with couples when they think about ending a pregnancy, and when they choose to stay in it, it is not a child welcome to that family because it was presented undesirably. But with robots, you do not have to worry about this. Every day is a safe day, and it makes them ideal because they can always meet him sexually without caring about pregnancies.

Low risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted actively by people if they have intimacy. The disease causes danger and causes problems in a family. Sometimes, it leads to death if it is not treated early. With a sex robot, you do not have to worry about getting a sexually transmitted disease. Robots improve safe sex, and you do not have to worry about the dangers of having such diseases.

Help sex addicts

Most people who are sexually addicted and tend to have an unusual desire to have sex. However, it can be difficult for a couple to resist sex drive and make abusers looking for multiple partners. This also comes with their problems, because the chances of getting diseases are usually high. With sex robots, sex users feel relieved because they can have as much sex with the robot as they like. The sex robot does not get tired

Help monogamous people to engage in their partners

Most people are monogamous by nature and tend to look for other partners to satisfy their sexual desire. If you know that you are such a person, you need a sex robot because it will satisfy you and keep you in touch with your partner. This will make them fulfil their desire for sexual monotony.

Increase sexual performance

Many people perceive that they can use sexual robots as tools for virus training. This allows them to increase their sexual production and extend the time they do to love their partners. It has also been shown to resolve premature ejaculation and low orgasms that help people regain their full potential.


Disadvantages of health of getting sex dolls robot

Head of social isolation

Having sex robots means that you have isolated yourself from contacting your partners. This is because the robot provides you with the sexual satisfaction you need. Several people who own these sex dolls are people who are divorced from their partners, or if the partners died. It also happens to people with disabilities, since they are usually careless. Instead of these people looking for other partners with whom they can interact. They tend to isolate themselves and find comfort in the robot sexual mannequins. Spending a lot of time in the cloths can hinder the development of human relationships.

It requires a lot of mimes

You should bath your sex robot regularly unless you are at risk of being infected with diseases. It is an annoying activity where you have to bathe and swim your wrist. This is different in people where it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain body hygiene without having to involve other people.

Some of the robot dummies are made of materials that contain toxins and other elements that can be harmful to your body. By using them, they can poison your body and cause serious health problems in the body. This can negatively affect your private parts that destroy your sex life.


These robots are realistic in making sophisticated movements similar to humans so that they can offer sexual satisfaction and discomfort. They also come with built-in heaters to provide adequate body heat and sensors in their vital bodies to respond to their contact just as people react.

Keep in mind that robot mannequins are not a substitute for people. As much as it gives you sexual satisfaction, it does not offer you the care and love that you would experience when you are with the particular person you love. This marks the most significant difference between robot dummies and real lovers, who can offer you comfort and feelings in addition to giving you sexual satisfaction.

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