8 Amazing Qualities Men Desire In Women

    Every man has his own desires when it comes to choosing a woman. Physically, some men like the sexy type, some like the slim type, while some like the tall and curvy type. But the truth here is that most of these physical appearances and look does not really appeal to you. We do not only see the outside look of a woman but the inside look as well.

    Below are important qualities that make a man completely fall for you.

    1. An Adorable character

    You know what? Your beauty does not so much appeal to us as your character does. Much time spent in beautifying your already pretty face can be spent in amending those ugly characters that do not befit a pretty woman. We do like it when you are your real self; we like to see you laugh with us the way you do laugh with your fellow friends.
    What am I saying here? In the long run, we don’t really care about your beauty but what matters most is that adoring character you have in you. We love it when you are looking beautiful and sweet- it’s nice. But that won’t open your heart to forever love you.

    2. A Truthful Woman

     Don’t go by the saying ‘truth is bitter’ and so, you wouldn’t want to tell us the truth because you don’t want to cause bitterness in our hearts. Well, it’s wrong if you think it that way. We love to hear the truth about you; about your past; about your family. No matter how bitter and ugly it may look, our ear yearns deeply for the truth.
    A truthful woman would command more respect from men. You know what? It hurts us bad when we figure out the truth ourselves. So, it is better you are open to us and no matter how bitter you might look at it, we will understand you.

    3. A Respectful Woman

    In our today’s world, women find it ‘stupid’ to show respect and regard for the men. Even if you are in a higher position than a man, he still deserves to be respected. For you to win our hearts dearly, show us the respect we need in front of our friends and colleagues.
    At least that shows we are important. Your money and position do not really mean much to us but your unreserved respect. We love women who can respect themselves first; we love women who can comport themselves, not women whose pictures are everywhere on social media with clumsy dresses.
    Charity begins at home. We like women who are disciplined and responsible, not women who would sit down and get drunk with meaningless friends.

    4. A Humble woman

     Humility is hard to find these days but if you can build yourself up to be humble; our love for you won’t wax cold. A humble woman is always submissive and that gives her quick ticket to winning a man’s heart.
    Personally, I disgust women that brags and wouldn’t want to even listen to my opinion. I kick you out if you are one of them. I am not saying that you have to be kissing our feet every morning as you get up from the bed. Humbleness entails that you recognize the position of a man in your life. When you are humble to a man, no doubt he will quickly attend to your physical and emotional needs. Learn to be humble and you will speedily win the heart of a man.

    5.  A Confident woman

    Every man is always faced with one challenge or the other and the worst challenge comes if the woman is not confident of the man. In achieving dreams and reaching the peak of our goals, we truly desire someone that would always be there to pat us on the back and say ‘I believe we can’. A confident woman is a ‘help-mate’ as the Bible calls it. She crosses over the deep oceans and mountains alongside with the man. That is the kind of women we desire to be with.

    6.  An Intelligent woman

     If you remove the world ‘intelligent’ from a woman, tell me, of what use is the woman to the man? An intelligent woman knows the things happening around her- she is always updated. Whenever we look depressed or too tired to think straight, that is where an intelligent woman comes in. she thinks for the man; she tries bringing back the right senses of the man. An intelligent woman figures out the problem facing a man and what will she do? She analyzes the problem and she solves the problem as well.
     That is why we need you; we don’t need you because of the latest perfumes or designer shoes you wear. Being intelligent does not require you going to Oxford University; it just requires you making use of the head and heart.

    7. A Patient Woman

     There is nothing sweet and joyful as having a woman who is not only understanding but patient with me. And am sure that is what every man desires. We all know very well that sometimes, things tend to be going in the wrong direction we do not expect. You need money to get the latest handbags; make the finest hair and buy yourself the newest make-up kit.
    However, when all these things are not forthcoming the way you want it, you are not supposed to mumble and grumble. A lovely man knows what his woman needs and would gladly provide it if the resources are there. But if he can’t, don’t worry; don’t complain but understand; embrace your man; encourage him and trust me, one day, he will do more than you had ever expected.
     A man needs a woman who can bear with him and if you are that type, believe me; you won’t regret ever falling in love with him.

    8.  An Attractive woman

     This post wouldn’t be complete if the world ‘attractiveness’ is not included. We love a woman who is neat, smells nice and knows how to care for her body. A man is proud and boasts confidently to his fellow friends of how attractive this woman looks.
    Some women complain that they don’t have the latest make-up kit. Don’t complain; you can still be attractive in your natural look. An attractive woman is always affectionate; she is such that makes the man always want more of her. After the day’s work, take your bath, wear a nice perfume and put on a sexy dress. Yes! We love it that way.
    Wow! This is just it.
    Thanks for reading.
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    1. Every person has its own way in liking or loving a woman. Some qualities of a woman aren't true with some men. But the bottomline is the give and take relationship of both that makes the world go round.

    2. I get why a lot of men would go for the qualities listed here, the same way that women would go for the ideal qualities that men would like. If I were to be asked though, I would go for a woman who knows how to carry herself well, especially through tough times and someone who is loving too.

      • Madam Elizabeth O. Sincerely speaking both males and females shoyld possess these qualities. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution.

        Have a nice time

    3. I'm sure my husband would agree. It was only around our 8th-9th year together that I realized this. Made his life easier by not being such a complicated woman.

    4. Every man, and woman, has his own standard in choosing for a partner. Others may already have the qualities they are looking for in a person but when they meet the right one for them, the list may not necessarily be followed. I guess, to each his own.

    5. These qualities are for any person, man or woman. A person with these qualities are the ideal man or woman. We cannot really have them all perfectly, but we should work hard to attain these ideals.

      • Me Fred Hawson you are perfectly right, these qualities are meant for both men and women. As you said, it is compulsory to have all but majority. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution.

      • Tiffany Yong W.T. You are right. These qualities are meant to be found in both man and woman. I think you agree with me. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution.

      • Kylie wenn I just want you to believe that nothing is impossible. It is just one step after the other. If you can have all then try to have majority of these qualities.

        Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution. Have a nice time

      • RainbowDiaries Singapore you are right. These qualities should not be only seen in men but also women.

        Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution. Have a nice time

    6. these are all great qualities but the world of today makes it difficult for all to be gotten in one or at once… we get some and then we try to build the rest..

      thanks for sharing..


    7. Well said. I think these are great qualities. As far as women, I speak for myself and say that I can appreciate those same qualities in my man. Great post.

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