Why Writing a “Done List” at the End of Each Day Will Multiply Your Productivity

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    by Priyashaa Ghos 

    We are all familiar with making lists, right? We have all made a list (bucket list, grocery list, shopping list and so on) at least once in our lives. By making lists, we can see everything clearly laid out in front of us, making it easier for us to work on those tasks.

    The difference about a “done list” is that you construct it at the end of your day. It gives you an overview of how you spend your time during the previous 24 hours.

    “Nothing builds self-esteem like accomplishment.” – Thomas Carlyle

    The process of creating a “done list” is rather simple. Once your day is over, take a piece of paper and write down the important things you have accomplished in that day. That’s it. That’s the whole process.

    Not only is it easy to make a done list, it offers a lot of benefits which can help you in the following ways.

    1.    Releases dopamine

    Think about what happens when you get a notification on your social media feeds. Dopamine is released and you feel good when someone likes your picture or your post. This is what makes social media so addictive, and it is exactly what happens when you create a done list at the end of the day. Dopamine is released and it makes you feel joyous and accomplished.

    2.    Motivates you

    When you see the things you have completed in a day, you will feel motivated to achieve similar accomplishments the next day. This kind of motivation usually sticks around because it’s self-generated. As such, it will make you utilize each day more productively.

    3.   Makes you look forward to writing a “done list” every day

    Because you know you will be writing things on your done list, you will complete tasks on which you otherwise would have procrastinated. You will want to make your list look attractive with your daily activities.

    4.    Builds an effortless positive habit.

    Anything you continue to do every single day over the long term becomes a habit. Once you experience how good you feel when you create your done list, you will form an effortless positive habit that you will enjoy adding to your nightly ritual.

    5.    Builds consistency

    There are many ways you can try to become more consistently productive, but what could be better than building a consistent productive life by adopting a simple habit that gives you gratification at the same time?

    6.    Helps you evaluate yourself

    One of the best things a done list does is help you evaluate yourself in terms of how you are spending your time. Are you spending your time on needle-moving tasks or on trivial tasks on which you work hard but that don’t produce results? If you ever find yourself in the latter group, a “done list” allows you to do a course correction and focus on those tasks that will produce a much greater impact.

    7.    Helps you take in success

    Finally, at times we feel we are not making significant progress on a daily basis. This is because we don’t acknowledge the hard work we do every day. Writing a done list will instantly solve this problem by helping you take in success and making you feel satisfied with and happy about the effort you put in each day.


    In conclusion:

    With all its benefits and the promise of accomplishing more, there is no harm in trying this simple hack. Why not give it a try? Shall we?


    About the Author:

    Priyashaa Ghos is a MCA, App Developer and the founder of INSPIREDAWE.

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