15 Natural Healthy Tips For Your Skin Care

    Skin is the layer which many people see as the part to define how beautiful or handsome you are. Everyone wants the a healthy and younger looking skins.  As we grow elder for men and women, the factors such as weather, pollution, stress from work can disturb your skins. Apart from the age, these factors show an unhealthy skin.

    Many people don’t care about their skin. The skins say a lot of things about you aside from the health aspect. Before you break down with the unhealthy skin here are some natural tips which will help you to keep your skin clean and healthy.


    Kindly read these tips and adhere to them for your health status. Never forget that health is wealth.


    •  Whenever you move out always wear protective clothing.
    •  You can also apply sunscreen lotion with high SPF a half an hour before going out to the sun.
    •  Excess of tea and coffee can be damage to your skins so cut them off.
    • Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is good for health.
    •  Well, balanced diet and avoiding oily and fatty foodstuff is an added measure.
    • When you shave use clean and sharp razors so that they do not infect the skins.
    •  Always moisturize your skin if it is dry.

    Don’t s:

    •  Avoid moving under the direct sun between 10 am to 4 pm as the sunlight can be hard on your body.
    • Also, avoid indoor tanning of skins.
    • Moreover, avoid fast foods.
    • Do not squeeze blackheads and zits as they can leave scars on the face.
    • Avoid harsh and strong soaps for oily skins.
    • Do not take long shower baths.
    • Smoking and excessive alcoholic drinks can burn your skins and will give you premature aging.

       In this way, you can save your skin naturally and enhance your young age.