Healthy Tips on How To Get Rid of Vaginal Odour

    vaginal odour
    Unpleasant vaginal odour can lower a woman’s self-confidence. Moreover, vaginal infections also affect the quality of your sex life. Vagina vulnerable smells and itchy. This is caused by the lack of awareness to keep the vagina. As a result, the vagina often have an bacteria infection or fungi. Remember! Femininity area needs special care every day. Keep the vagina is a must for every woman.

    Cause of Odor In Vagina

    It’s basically common knowledge to explain the origin of the odor in your vaginal area. The vagina has a lot of microorganisms called lactobacillus vaginal flora or class. This bacterium is able to protect the female sex organ by creating acidic conditions. So the female sex organs are not infected with the bacteria from the outside. In normal circumstances would limit the amount of vaginal flora in balance so that the vagina does not smell or maybe just a characteristic odor vague. If the flora balance disturbed, then garderella and other types of bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis grow. Contributing factors include pregnancy, smoking, use of contraceptives that do not on the proper procedures.

    Tips to get rid of vaginal odor

    Here are some tips to get rid of vaginal odor and keep the health of vagina
    1. Keep your genital area by washing it every day, especially after defecation.
    2. When taking a shower, you should clean the area clitoris and urethra because they have secretions. Use a special soap to clean the area of ​​your femininity.
    3. Avoid underwear made ​​of synthetic or polyester, for easy wet and takes a long time to dry.
    4. Before having sex, first wash the genital area. This makes the vagina clean and deodorize.
    5. After sex, wash your genital area again. Clean the area of ​​intense femininity within 20 minutes to avoid infection.
    6. After a shower, get used to dry your feminine area. Humidity makes the bacteria breed faster. Change underwear at least twice a day.
    7. Genital hair removal routine. Pubic hair is too thick to make the vagina becomes moist. That’s what led to the emergence of vaginal odour and bacterial infections.
    8. During menstruation, change the bandage after 3-4 hours or if it is wet. Avoid using tampons because it is unhygienic and can spread bacteria or promote the growth of bacteria in the vagina.
    9. Immediately replace the wet underwear. Try to keep the genital area is always dry.
    10. Avoid wearing tight pants. This makes it difficult to breathe so that the skin becomes very humid area of ​​femininity.
    11. If you are susceptible to genital infection, wash your vagina with soap pH after urinating 2-3 times. Do not immediately sit on a public toilet! Clean the surface of the toilet before you sit down. Vaginal infections are often caused by a public toilet. Do not flush the toilet while you’re still sitting there, because bacteria and germs from the toilet “flying” when you do it.
    12. Avoid eating meat too often because it can cause vaginal odour. To maintain the cleanliness of the area of ​​femininity, you should frequently eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, and drink 2 liters of water every day. This method also helps prevent dehydration of the vagina.
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