How To Get Rid Of Insomnia Naturally

    Difficulty sleeping can be very annoying when it happens constantly, or what we call insomnia. Natural way is the best option to get rid of insomnia. Insomnia seems to have become ‘best friends’ for many people today. The more we are busy, the more often it is difficult for us to sleep. But it must not be taking sleeping pills to overcome this. Side effects because sleeping pills can be addictive, because these drugs often contain addictive substances. The drug is also often associated with damage to liver function.

    Causes of insomnia:

    Stress. This may be the number one factor that causes insomnia. Does that worry about work, family health, or whether the kitchen light was turned off, when the mind goes on and on, it becomes very difficult to sleep.
    Anxiety. Outside stress, anxiety can cause insomnia. In the case of serious anxiety, the mind refuses to rest. This makes sleeping difficult. Overcome your anxiety, if that is the cause of your sleeplessness problem.
    Depression. As with anxiety, if depression can be overcome, then the sleep will easy to do.
    Treatment. Some prescription drugs can cause insomnia factor. They stimulate the body and mind so much, so the sleep is be difficult.
    Food, beverages. Things like coffee, soda and some food has been known to cause insomnia, if they were taken right before bed.
    Changes in Work. Changes in work schedules or travel can cause insomnia. With the passage of time, the body will be able to adjust to the new schedule, and insomnia also will be reduced.
    Pain. This is a major factor that can cause insomnia. Accidents, injuries and chronic conditions can make sleeping almost impossible for some people.

    Tips to get rid of Insomnia

    Here are tips to get rid of insomnia naturally:
    1. Avoid caffeine in any form after lunch (coffee, tea, chocolate, cola and some other soft drinks that contain these stimulants, as well as the drugs are sold freely or to be redeemed by prescription, check the ingredients label). This is the last thing needed by insomnia.
    2. Do not take a nap, no matter how you sleepy. (nap reduces the quality of sleep a night)
    3. Take a bath as long and as comfortable as possible with warm water before going to bed. (This method can reduce the strain the muscles, so you can be relaxed right before bed).
    4. Read a book or do something repetitively boring your activities, such as sewing. Try not to watch television or listen to the radio. Disorders such as this will require your attention and cause maintained.
    5. Set the bedroom as comfortable as possible. Create a quiet and dark. Use pillows or blankets were clean and fresh and keep the room temperature comfortable as possible (not too hot or cold).
    6. Eliminate all anxiety when sleeping. do not let yourself think about mistakes you have done this afternoon. Now you’re not working. The point is linked with sleeping cots or mattresses.
    7. Counting slowly similar to hypnotic activity. By imagining a continuous monotone image, may make you tired and can finally sleep
    8. Step that no less important is the reflection therapy to loosen the tension of routines and have been proven to treat chronic insomnia.

    9. Eating cherry.

    In the evening, try eating some cherry fruit. The experts found that cherry jam has the same function with melatonin, a hormone released by the body that will keep sleep patterns.

    10. Dinner with seafood.

    Dinner with seafood, such as fish, can make sleep more soundly. Cod, tuna, snapper, halibut, and shrimp, contain tryptophan, which is very good to help you sleep soundly. The amount is comparable to the turkey.

    11. Avoid consumption of chili.

    Far-Far from the chili if you want to go to bed. Because eating spicy foods before bed can raise your body temperature and keep you asleep, and also increases the heart rate.
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