Bean Sprouts Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts You Must Know

    bean sprouts
    Many health benefits of bean sprouts. Sprouts have always been in the list of healthy and nutritious foods. In addition to easy cooking, sprouts are also good for health. In fact, sprouts are also known as energy giving foods.
    Bean Sprouts is a storehouse of nutrients. Bean sprouts contain vitamins B, C, B1, B6, K and A. In addition, sprouts are also a source of food rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and manganese, and omega 3 fatty acids. Sprouts are a good source of enzymes and is needed by the body. This enzyme can increase the body’s energy and make us feel fit and healthy. Sprouts contain much oxygen. It can increase blood flow in the body, kills bacteria, boost the immune system, and others.
    Some experts argue that better bean sprouts eaten raw, while its fluxing agent is still intact. Can be eaten as a salad, or drunk as juice. If cooked, preferably pan-fried or steamed briefly. Some argue that the sprouts should be cooked before consumption, It is meant for not exposed to the dangers of E coli, which allows contamination of vegetables and repackaging. But not for too long in cooking and should be immediately eaten to avoid loss of vitamins content.
    If sprout to be boiled, for example made vegetable soup, put the sprouts just before dishes removed. That way, vitamin C and enzymes that damaged estimated at only 20 percent. If boiled longer, the damage could reach at least 60 percent.

    Nutrition fact of Bean Sprouts

    Sprouts from any kind of bean, either green beans, soybeans, alfalfa and other types of bean contain a lot of nutrients. Here is the nutritional value of bean sprouts:
    The caloric value of the three types ranges from mung sprouts with only 30 calories to lentil sprouts with 106 and soybean sprouts with 122. Their protein values range from three grams (mung sprouts) to 13 grams (soybean sprouts). This makes them a good source of protein because three grams represents 6 percent and 13 grams equals 26 percent of the recommended daily value
    Bean sprouts are a great source of vitamin C, providing 22 percent to 28 percent of the daily value. They’re also good sources of six of the eight B vitamins. They’re especially high in folate, with mung beans providing 15 percent, lentils 25 percent and soybeans 43 percent of the daily value.
    Bean sprouts are rich sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Mung sprouts provide 16 mg, lentil sprouts 38 mg and soybean sprouts 445 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. While mung sprouts have 42 mg and lentils have 181 mg of omega-6 fatty acids, soybean sprouts provide a huge 3,338 mg.
    Mung sprouts are the only one of the three that provide several other important nutrients, including 41 percent of the daily value of vitamin K. They have six micrograms each of alpha and beta carotene and one percent of the daily value of vitamin E. Mung sprouts also supply 15 mg of phytosterols (plant estrogens

    Health Benefits of Bean Sprouts

    Seeing abundant nutritional substances, has been ascertained that the bean sprouts have a very good potential efficacy to maintain and promote health, and prevent various health problems.
    Here are the benefits of bean sprouts to health:
    Preventing cancer
    In the process of beans become sprout, has outlined 90 percent olisakarida chain become simple carbohydrates, so that the compound is easily absorbed by the body, without producing gas. Because it contains a lot of fiber and water, sprouts help, draining impurities in the colon. It is become double power sprouts in the fight against cancer. By pushing dirt immediately left of the colon, so that no toxic substances in the dirt that can absorbed by the body. And this will prevent the buildup of toxic substances that can stimulate the blossoming of the seeds of cancer.
    Antioxidants contained in it may help slow the aging process and prevent the spread of cancer cells.
    Preventing heart attack and stroke
    The people with the risk of stroke and heart attacks are caused by increased blood fat levels, it is recommended to eat more bean sprouts. This is due, in saponin sprouts will destroy LDL bad cholesterol without fat megganggu good HDL. And saponins that can be obtained in large alfalfa sprouts when the grain become sprout, which generally saponinnya levels up to 450%.
    Preventing Osteoporosis
    Natural estrogen found in sprouts can function similarly to the synthetic estrogen, but the superiority of natural estrogen has no side effects. So that the estrogen in bean sprouts can significantly increase bone density, bone structure and prevent the rottenness of the bones.
    Generating the immune system
    Saponin sprouts can also raise the body’s immune system, in particular by increasing the activity of natural vascular cells (natural killer cells), particularly the T-cell lymphocytes and interferon. In addition to DNA-laden, bean sprouts are rich in antioxidants that fortify the body from free radicals, damaging cell DNA.
    Good for Digestion
    Because it is alkaline, the bean sprouts are very good to keep the acidity of the stomach and facilitate digestion. Besides fiber content can increase intestinal contractions, so as to have an effect that can facilitate defecation.
    Increasing fertility
    Bean sprouts have the ability to increase fertility, if consumed regularly it will improve the quality of sperm. The content of vitamin E, especially vitamin E-alpha, and might help to improve fertility for men. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can protect cells from free radical attack. By eating the sprouts, there is the possibility of vitamin E is to protect egg cells or sperm of different damage from free radical attacks.
    Good for the skin
    Bean sprouts are also good for beauty, which helps rejuvenate and soften the skin. This is because the sprouts contain high levels of vitamin E are high. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can protect cells from free radical attack. Sprouts, bean-based, is also believed that the major protein and essential for skin turnover.
    Lose weight
    Bean sprouts are also very free of fat, a cup of green bean sprouts, or about 124 grams contains only 0.11 grams of fat, so sprouts are a good source of food to lose weight. Low-fat diet with sprouts is very useful for weight loss. Besides a low-fat diet also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes (due to lifestyle).
    Prevent menstrual disorders and menopause
    Antioxidant content in bean sprouts can improve blood circulation in order to prevent and neutralize the factors supporting the occurrence of the disease. If you regularly eat sprouts before menstruation may help prevent complaints during menstruation. Eating sprouts as a source of vitamin E also may help prevent disruption of heat that is felt in the pre menopause.
    Other benefits
    Eliminating black spots on the face, acne cure, nourish hair and prevent breast cancer.


    In addition to that abundant nutritional content so it is very nutritious for health care, sprouts also have properties and substances that can be harmful to health, so need to be cautious when consuming sprouts.
    Be careful for the stomach
    However, the nature of mung bean sprouts are cool, if eat too much it will also easily damage the stomach (freezing). Therefore, for the conditions of the cold stomach it is not suitable when taking them for a long time. Can lead to acute colitis, severe gastroenteritis, and diarrhea, and for people with other diseases also can not eat too much. Also, when cooked, should be mixed with a bit of chili, or cook with fragrant vegetables, chives and other similar vegetables, to counteract the cold properties it contains. However, Lupus patient should avoid the alfalfa sprout.
    Breast cancer patients
    For women with breast cancer that are undergoing treatment with tamoxifen therapy in order to limit the consumption of sprouts, much less raw. Phytoestrogen compounds in sprouts can reduce tamoxifen work. That is, the sprouts should only be limited if we suffer any kind of tumor or cancer associated with estrogen.
    Note when buying
    When buy it, should be kissed to ensure no unpleasant smell. If there is a smell, do not buy or eat.
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