5 Key Features to Consider in Your Next Tablet

    Tablet has become a major player in the personal computer market. Ever since the first iPad was
    released in 2010, they’ve become a household device almost comparable to Smartphones.
    What makes these nifty devices so in-demand is their compact size. While tablets are larger than smartphones, they are also smaller than PCs. It means that for tasks where the PC would have been more appropriate such as watching a video, a tablet can serve the purpose excellently. But they are also small enough to fit in your pocket, meaning that they can also be used for smartphone tasks such as checking email and social media chatting.
    This high demand has resulted in a scramble, with every manufacturer coming out with their range of tablets. This makes choosing a little difficult. Which one do you go for?
    Well, we’ve rounded up five key features to consider when the time comes to buy your next tablet.

    1. Operating system

            Google Android 6.0 Operating System
    Currently, there are four major tablet operating systems; Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, and the Blackberry Tablet OS.
    The Apple iOS is used exclusively on Apple products. It’s also found on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPod iTouch. If you’re a fan of Apple and have most of these products, getting an iPad would allow you seamlessly juggle between you devices.  iOS has over two million applications.
    Android is a greatoption if you combine devices from different manufacturers. Developed byGoogle, Android is also the most popular operating system at the moment and offers far greater customizability than the iOS. It also has the highest number of application with the Google Play Store boasting over 2.2 million apps.
    Microsoft Windows is not as popular as the first two, but is great if you want compatibility with your other Microsoft OS devices (desktop, laptop, and even smartphone). Also, working on Windows 8 from your tablet provides a sense of portability not possible with PC which would allow you accomplish tasks faster.
    Lastly, Blackberry tablets, just like Blackberry phones, have their own operating system. And the good news is, the tablet OS is fully compatible with the phone OS meaning that you can work across your Blackberry tablet and phone like they were a single device!

    2. Screen size

    Next, consider screen size. Tablets range in size from 5 to 12 inches. Make the choice based on what you intend to do with the device. Smaller tablets in the 5-inch region are designed to fit in your pocket while still providing a large enough screen.
    They are a good option if you intend to carry the device along a lot. Larger ones in the range of 10 or more inches won’t fit in your pocket. But they are much more portable then 15-inch laptops. They are excellent for reading.

    3. Battery life

    After screen size, look for a tablet with reliable battery life. Tablets are supposed to be portable devices. You should be able to use your tab for possibly a whole day without recharging. Since you won’t be using the device all the time, find out how long the battery can last the while under heavy use and how long it lasts when in sleep mode.

    4.Memory (RAM)

    Tablet games require more RAM than standard tablet apps
    This also depends on what you intend to use the tablet for. If it will be solely for watching movies and listening to music, then 1to 4 GB of RAM is sufficient. But for tasks such as editing photos and videos, you need at least 4GB, preferably 8GN of memory.
    There are also people who buy kids tablets for learning purposes. If you’re an app developer looking to use the device to test your creations, find one with even more memory. Fortunately, you can find tablets with as much as 32GB of RAM.

    5. Camera

    Lastly, consider camera functionality. First, most tablets come with cameras, but some don’t. Secondly, a tablet could come with one or two cameras – one at the front and another at the rear. Make your choice.
    Secondly, look at camera resolution. Typically, 4MP is the minimum if you intend to use your tablet to print high-quality 8×10 images without cropping or distortion. But you can go as high up as you like.


    There are usually other features such as speakers, input and output ports, and wireless connectivity to consider, but these should only come after the five key points discussed above.
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