8 Team Building Tips for Leaders

     One would have to lead a team to get the hint in Mr. Benaud’s message. It is no fluke like the one-liners he used to churn out. Our guy has seen it all for years in baggie greens. And, courtesy people like him we could comprehend 8 team building tips for budding leaders to evolve.

    Is there any mystery in the following tips?

     Sorry, to disappoint you for these are well-known facts after all. With a twist in the tale i.e. And, a handful of references too.

    Tip#1. Cometh the hour, Cometh the Man!

    Mark my words for it, that’s what Imran Khan, Winston Churchill, and many have done when they face a literal cul-de-sac. You might be familiar how Imran Khan conjured up Pakistan’s dying spirits in the 1992 world cup.  It’s the story of a strong captain, with deep-rooted ambition and noble mission, motivated the entire team to great heights.  He took the role when his team was almost eliminated during the preliminary rounds and turned the team into champions.
    Winston Churchill – well-known as a war leader.  He is typically remembered for his successful leadership during the World War II.  His inspirational speeches and refusal to give up attitude during these hours made him the greatest British prime minister.
    And, another real deal is the story of Howard Schultz and his Starbucks Coffee. Howard Schultz returned as CEO after an eight years gap and pulled out Starbucks from the financial meltdown of 2008.  He didn’t blame the economy as the former CEO did.  Instead, he took up entirely
    different view of the situation.  He told his employees to shift the focus from bureaucracy and back to customers.  He established to the world that Starbucks cared their customer’s opinion with “My Starbucks Idea” through social media. Giving the customers a platform to share their ideas.  Over 90,000 ideas were shared by 1.3 million people.
    The morals of these stories lead to a one-way door.  A leader should step forward during the crisis and motivate the entire team to the triumph.

    Tip#2. Maintain Transparency: Build Loyalty.

    If you keep quiet on an employee’s performance or the lack of it for too long.  Then they must be literally bad-mouthed behind your back.
    It is ideal to maintain a transparent communication flow within the corporate set-up as opposed to playing peeping tom. The Corporate shenanigans are only waiting for a clarion call.
    You don’t want to feed them with something to chew on, do you?

    Tip #3. Build an Aura; Be Genuine.

    Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you try and imitate Adolf Hitler. Like any civilian, you are also a part of a larger set-up and the society you may mingle with would want to know the man behind the veneer too.
    If you make a mistake, be bold and take the fall for it. If you get anything right, keep it to yourself and let others share the credits. Like, how, MS Dhoni did in the World Cup 2011 all those years ago. Or, how, Ratan Tata did after Tata Nano, the so-called cheapest car in the world, had failed. I can highlight more examples too but you get the big picture.

    Tip #4. Celebrate Successes; Lest You fail.

    Leaders have tremendous work ethic. A bad leader would go through the motions when the team is either literally down in the drums, or buoyed up in sheer euphoria. And, good leaders know success and failure are part of the job and somewhat out of their control.
    Alexander Ferguson of Manchester United FC was a great man manager.  It was simply because he had tremendous work ethic. Whenever Manchester United wins a laurel, he was the first to celebrate from the sidelines.  And, whenever the team losses, he would be the first to let out the anger too. Bottomline is – “Show them you mean business; don’t just go through the motions simply.”

    Tip #5. Fire the Bad Moles: Prioritize Team Needs.

    Firing an employee or getting rid of a mole from your team is the tricky part which leaders must learn to master in due course. Being a leader, you wouldn’t want to abscond duty for the well-being of the main team is pivotal to your own survival than the individual/s itself.

    Tip #6. Instill Self-Belief: Don’t jump ship.

    Except for maybe football management and politics, constant chopping and changing of responsibilities routinely are a clear giveaway to bad leadership. I say that because football managers and politicians don’t necessarily get to make choices for themselves, for it is the owners or respective partisans who would eventually take the big calls.
    As for exuding immense self-believe, a true leader should instill belief in the team.  A leader should stick to the damn job even when a potential threat emerges out of nowhere.
    In addition to that, a good leader knows when to quit, and when exactly to come roaring back into the reckoning.

    Tip #7. Make Tough Calls, even if that provokes people.

    Being a leader, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your team to perform certain obligatory tasks even if you have to go the extra mile to gain your objectives. As a great Aussie Captain (Chappell) would have it: You should even call the big-shots dummies since all the wins and losses go against your name, not the team.
    It is true Ian Chappell – the great raconteur that he is never lost a Test series in his career. But, do you know how could he even manage to do that?The guy knew the job, and yes, he was one hell of a character. When a famous Indian commentator asked him as to what he thought of England’s Mike Brearley: He literally criticized the so-called best ever cricket captain with his usual chutzpah – “Was tough playing 11 Vs. 11 Harsha. So my question is why you want to play 10 Vs. 11?
    The point is not about highlighting Chappell’s brash attitude, nor to showcase annus mirabilis statistics.It is to illustrate how these peoples’ minds work.

    Tip #8. Be wary of false Propagandas: Walk the Talk.

    Being a leader, you would initially feel good about yourself while making great propagandas and genial offerings to the team members. Or, to your stakeholders as for some crooked politician often does.But, while making propagandas for achievements’ sake – you should rather work on the feasibility of it. For this point, I don’t want to quote anything because this is a given fact. And, quoting, as painstaking as they may seem on paper would be missing the whole point for this tip in particular.


    What makes a great leader? The catchword here is Evolve since no one is born a leader.  Evolve with experience, and build a strong unit that is behind you all the time. Since I have started the blog with a quote from an Aussie, it would be appropriate to cite the classic case of England’s Alistair Cook.  Having taken the mantle in 2012 in the sub-continent; Cook overcame batting troubles and
    Having taken the mantle in 2012 in the sub-continent; Cook overcame batting troubles and off-field havocs that affected his leadership. And, in 2015 ICC named him the ‘Captain of The Year’ too!
    Cook has given all the credits to mentor’s Andrew Strauss, and Michael Vaughn for this turnaround. Which is enough evidence, one can learn the craft to some extent from true leaders?
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