Risks of Smoking Cigarettes on Oral Health and Dental


    If we reflect the relationship of the mouth, we find those smoking cigarettes like the mouth of the chimney. Which we see the roofs of houses. Imagine how to be smoked after igniting the wood, and burned with the deep dark days do not bear the heat. Especially in hot winters long and may collapse.

    This is the case inanimate objects, let alone under any circumstances mouth of that member and surrounded by delicate thin membrane and gumswith a thin and very important functions such as eating, chewing and speaking. But beyond that important to be a source of beauty and a smile for the presence of teeth and lips.

    How can we offer those tissues to the wood we burn ourselves and boast about it in order to burn the bodies and our money.

    Some see smoking as pleasure in the imagination, but it is certainly harmful to the airframe. This is reached by modern science and confirmed by research in all parts of the globe. It’s even become the social ill that criticizes rational people and abused so as to deprive him of the find at the ill-effects serious and sometimes fatal.

    Damage of smoking on the mouth

    That the harmful effects of smoking go beyond the mouth and deadly diseases include respiratory and heart and blood vessels, known to everyone. But the impact of smoking on the mouth was not raising the necessary and sufficient to highlight here that the impact of smoking on the health of the mouth and teeth with the importance of medical advice to refrain from smoking before it is too late.

    What are the disadvantages of smoking on the mouth and teeth?

    The mouth is the first member affected by smoking cigarettes. Particularly as it directly exposed to the constituent chemical cigarette of the so-called tobacco. The Tissue affected are the soft tissue and coated the tongue and roof of the mouth and floors and cheeks, gums, and lips as well as the row of pearls, which boast beauty among the people. And the consequences of smoking and disastrous and alarming and can be summarized as follows:

    – Cancer of the mouth and surrounding tissue and ulcers and chronic fungal infection such as Candida.

    – Chronic gum disease, which is the major cause of loss of teeth (abate the sense of taste and smell and the lack of rate of secretion of saliva) discoloration and change color of the teeth and tongue (emission of foul odors from the mouth) the lack of success rate of some treatments such as dental implants, calendar, and the possibility of complications such as inflammation of the bone When extractions.


    Oral cancer

    Cancer of the mouth of the most serious consequences of Smoking and usually occurs with chronic smoking-intensive and misfortune that does not appear, but the real appearance in the late stages. At the outset, usually, painless and does not attract the interest of the patient’s symptoms and the most important:

    – The emergence of alarming cracks in the mouth, burning in some parts of the mouth

    – Also,  the emergence of chronic ulcers and many at the bottom of the tongue or lining of the cheek or lips and vary in size from small to other ulcers may extend over large areas of the membrane lining the oral tissues.

    – The emergence of bulges and white spots or painful tongue or lining of the cheeks, lips and usually tends to have a white color to change when some red or yellow or brown or gray depending on the food and beverage intake and the length of the ulcer. This so-called disease Iukubleika, which is usually regarded as the beginning of cancerous transformation.

    – Difficulty in chewing, swallowing, speech and movement of the jaw

    – The movement of teeth in a strange way lead to the non-occlusion

    – Numbness in the lips or tongue or other areas in the mouth such as the presence of these symptoms when smoke alarms require a visit to the doctor in charge.

    Ulcerative oral

    One main symptom of smoking also inflammation of oral mucosa in many places such as the roof of the mouth, tongue and lips and a consequence of congestion, redness of the mouth membrane by absorbing the smoke, which shakes the pressure inside the mouth.

    As well as the heat generated from the combustion of tobacco, let alone the impact of chemical constituents of tobacco. This directly affects the oral membrane. The result is also cracked and dry oral membrane as well as the lips, which is greatly affected by this.

    In these cases, chronic infections, the beginning of the emergence of oral cancer. Especially in the presence of inflammation in the roof of the mouth for long periods leading to the salivary glands affected by surface are out there and show the forms of red blisters grow and swell due to a blocked lymph channels. Over time, this may turn into a type of cancer that affects the glands the so-called Mikoabidirmoid.

    Gum disease

    Smoking is a major cause, accounting for 75% of gum disease in adults. Periodontal disease is a major cause of chronic loss of teeth.

    What is happening is an inflammation of Gingivitis initially extends to the gum tissue surrounding the teeth. Thereafter lead to erosion of the separation of the gums and bone around the tooth which leads to receding gums. Which in turn leads to revealing the roots of the teeth causing tooth sensitivity when dealing with excessive hot and cold items. It displays the roots to decay which is sometimes extends to areas under the bone. In the end, the result will be shaken in the teeth and then falling down or takes them off.

    It also decreased the effects of smoking had denied the sense of taste and smell and lack of saliva secretion rate. This leads to vulnerability and functions of the mouth in general. This is what gives smokers the feeling disgusted and discomfort in their mouths.

    Color of the teeth and tongue

    This effect is aesthetic, which is important for smokers with that view only. Also, ignore what is most important and serious than reported previously. Why? Because it is aesthetic and does not want to show the smoker’s teeth color and smell to the community.

    Teeth of smokers usually come in a dark color. Resulting from the accumulation of components of smoke on the teeth. Especially in the presence of limestone and lime. Increasingly darker color so that it looks ugly. Also, when those who do not care for oral and dental hygiene, not visiting the dentist down.

    What makes the case worse is the use of bleaching powder. This leads to the increased surface roughness of the teeth and eats it. Also, causing the increased rate of accumulation of lime, lime, and black spots. As well as catch a smoker suffering from another type, namely the excessive sensitivity of the teeth.

    Fragrances BREATH

    The smell of the mouth let smokers to purchase various types of chewing gum and lotions with fragrances and pure Putty Commercial and labeled as appropriate for smokers not only that it is for propaganda only.

    Also, only a temporary impact. why pay any attention to them and you have the correct treatment but is refraining from smoking.

    Complications and failures of smoking lead to a lack of proportion of success of some treatments. Treatments such as dental implants, calendar, and the possibility of complications. Complications such as inflammation of the bone when extractions.

    Some smokers keen to teeth, but is surprised that he could not hold all the dental treatments like the non-smoker. Studies have shown that the success rate of dental implants in smokers and less prone to failure. As well as delayed healing and heal the wounds of the mouth after any surgery in the mouth such as tooth extraction or processes gums.

    And sometimes may lead to inflammation of the bone, which causes a lot of pain.

    Do you use pipe or pipe, or cigars less harmful than smoking cigarettes?
    This is not true, rather, one of Damage and be the most Sometimes when you use other methods of smoking. The use of pipe tobacco focuses on some areas intensively, which increases the chances of ulcers and cancer.

    The use of hookah may speed up the transmission of other diseases such as tuberculosis and acute hepatitis. Due to the use by more than one person in the presence of a respiratory mouth full of decaying Sores and gaps.

    What about the impact of tobacco, such as Sniff and others?

    That affects the most. Scientists have discovered no less than twenty-eight carcinogen in this type of tobacco also said the immediate focus of tobacco on certain areas, such as membrane under the tongue increases the risks. And beyond the impact to some members away from the mouth, such as the esophagus, colon, pancreas, and bladder. The reason is due to swallowing the smoker to tobacco juice consisting of chewing.


    Finally, we do not recall this information in order to scare smokers enumerate them as far as facts that would convince them to quit smoking cigarettes. Humans do not live only once and in conclusion. We are friendly for your Mouths to be thinner than the stacks you.

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