5 Healthy Tips For Discoloration of The Teeth You Should Know


    Teeth can be described as beautiful when it is white to say. However, when the colour of the teeth starts to change from the normal colour then there is a problem. Kindly read through this post to have the tips;


    External causes:

    Sediment surface where it settles to some dyes and pigments found in food on the surface of the teeth. This type of hypocrisy when a lot of tea and coffee, smoking and certain medications for patients Iron solutions anemia. Some mouthwashes solutions that address gingivitis such as klorhecsudain. This can control this type of Discoloration pigmentation or by brushing the teeth regularly and conduct periodic teeth cleaning at the dentist twice a year.

    Accumulation of bacterial plaque counties contain the bacteria, especially Lactobacillus and Streptococcus Mutans and limestone deposits (calculus) on the tooth surface as the lack of clean teeth properly, adequate and predictable can lead to the formation of bacterial plaque and tartar time occurs for this plaque and then stained to the color turns to dark brown or . This bacterial plaque can also be removed through the practice of oral health and home on a regular basis. This includes brushing teeth and cleaning the spaces between the Sunni through the use of thread. This is in addition to periodic cleaning of the teeth at the dentist twice a year.

    Domestic reasons:

    The pigmentation which arises from the interior of age and spoke. This Colouration often dies after the age or after handling the nerve, and there are certain ways to clean and then teeth whitening. This reason has made the dentist with the knowledge that in most cases it is the culmination or coating Age processor that would bring the League of age for the original color.

    The causes of defects:

    It causes that occur in the heart of the Sunni structure of the material. Such as during a dental discoloration caused by tetracycline use of the drug. The result of some dental diseases such as congenital diseases is poor or ill-Ivory is the port. In addition, even for the natural color of teeth is different from person to person. There is a certain color can be considered a color ideal for all human beings. Where for each person to the appropriate color which corresponds with the color of skin, for example. It causes that occur in the heart of the Sunni structure of the material. Such as during a dental discoloration caused by tetracycline use of the drug. The result of some dental diseases such as congenital diseases

    Methods of Treatment:

    Most of the discoloration of the teeth can be addressed in the following ways:

    Brushing teeth at the doctor:

    This is the basis where all roads should be cleaned at the dentist and polished. Then not report whether there is a need for other therapeutic means.

    Teeth whitening:

    Through this method can be used chemicals with oxidizing properties as Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. One of the most effective and which have been studied scientifically and saturated scientific research. Where they are used multiple concentrations of which is used when a doctor in the clinic. The laser can be used with this material being bound upon to accelerate its work. The teeth whitening duration slightly shorter, but the laser will not change or improve the bleaching winning factor. Also, as it accelerated the work of the Article bleached only.

    Fillings label:

    And here is the use of fillings kambozat label and similar to the natural color of the teeth on the surface of the teeth that Colouration, and can use this method does not work when the use of bleaching chemicals.

    Ceramic crowns:

    Used in cases of severe discoloration and in the case of failure of the methods listed above. Especially in a case of a disease is bad in ivory or the port.



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