FILSU ELECTION: IWO Students’ Electoral Commission and Her Ridiculuos Fees


    FILSU at it again. The silence of the good people is worse than the action of the bad people.

    IWO STUDENTS’ ELECTORAL COMMISSION AND HER RIDICULUOS FEES“Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future.”— James Bertrand

    The clock is ticking as the election period is approaching again. It has been an excitement when this new set member of the Electoral was finally inaugurated. Kudos to the Peace committee for the job well done.


    The excitement of this newly inaugurated electoral committee did not last as ridiculous fees of election forms were brought up by the committee. Every member of the union has seen hope in this committee. The majority of the people has bestowed trust upon the committee but this ridiculous amount of sale of election forms is a cause for alarm.

    Though the Chairman of the commission has come to defend these amounts for me, the basis and reasons for the increment were just unacceptable. Let me clearly inform the chairman that actions need to be criticized for the betterment of the union but condemnation I also don’t welcome it.  Let me analyze the reasons for this ridiculous fee as said by the chairman;



    Mr. Chairman in his words, without the increment in the fee then there might not be a free and fair election. I believe spending millions of naira on an election cannot make such election free and fair. An example of it, elections in Nigeria we have witnessed INEC had spent millions of Naira, has their spending guaranteed free and fair election? I will concur that for a successful election the financial aspect can’t be underestimated but determination, hard-working, selfless attitude, and patriotism can guarantee a free and fair election, not this ridiculous amount.



    Frankly speaking, for a free and fair election necessary and adequate materials should be provided by the committee. The claim by the committee that no election materials were handed over to them by their predecessor which has been one of the reasons to escalate the price is just a flimsy excuse. Despite the fact, the sensitive materials’ to be used such as (Cardboard, pens, books, stamps, pins, etc) have inflated but this should not be a justification for the increment.


    All other reasons might be significant too but they should not be any basis for this ridiculous increment in the form fee.

    I hereby urge the chairman and other members of the commission to review these fees. Though the recession has contributed deficit to the economy in which prices of materials have risen exorbitantly but a cut in the price of the offices is highly important and necessary.

    However, this increased in the form fee might chase away the dream of competent aspirants which are not financially buoyant. I want the commission to know that all fingers are not equal. We should not use this fee to scare away some aspirants who have a vision and good mission for this union. I hope the electoral commission would not shatter the dream of these people.

    Furthermore, with this mega-increase in fee, it shows the fairness and equality chances that should be given to all FILSUites have been tampered. The basis of a free and fair election is to give equal chances to all FILSUites.

    Finally, I will implore the chairman and his member to vehemently look into these fees. This is important in order not to give room to people who believe money can get them everything. If visionary and competent aspirants are being disqualified with this fee then only those who can buy the form, contest and emerge as representatives will administer the union. I hope the commission will not be an instrument to bestow power upon leaders who have nothing to offer this union.

    I believe in this commission to conduct best of its kind in the history of the union but kindly review these fees for the betterment of all the FILSUites and the Union. The history shall be written by you, think of what you will write down in the history book.


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