FILSU ELECTION: Another Downfall Looms FILSU at the National Level

    Days in days out another December is here, the period when the leadership of Federation of Iwo Land Students’ Union at the National Level is elected. It is a period when gathering of Iwo land students from various tertiary institutions (Universities, Monotechnics, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education) throughout Nigeria elect new legislative and executive members to navigate the ship of the union for another session.


    It is crystal clear that no success without a roadmap. It is unfortunate that the ship of the union is drowning as a result of the last year’s incident. Failure of the union to conduct a free and fair election in the last election on the 28th December, 2015 has put the union in an unstable position. Though the legislative arm of the union was installed to manage and administer the affairs of the union but the absence of the executive members to complement the efforts of the legislative members has been felt. Kudos and commendation to our Noble Father His Royal Majesty, Oluwo
    Kudos and commendation to our Noble Father His Royal Majesty, Oluwo of Iwo, King AbdulRasheed Adewale Telu 1 for his support and efforts to make sure election hold last year but the students themselves were adamant and not willing to conduct the election. It is a shame that students who are called intellectuals and future of tomorrow have turned to be social vices to the
    However, the last year election has been forgotten and new proceeding to conduct the election for the year 2017 has started. Many complaints, mixed reactions and trade of words have trailed the nominations of the set committee to conduct the 2017 election. Many people have called for the voluntary resignation of the leadership of the house, impeachment of the house members and even some people called for the suspending of all members of the house for failing to discharge their duties. When the challenges of the last election are yet to be overcome, another plan for the new election is being staged already. Could anything good come out of this planning?
    The leadership of the house if I am not mistaken has set the electoral committee for this year not less than two times. With this lack of attitudes, lack of directions and improper proceedings to set up the committee it shows another downfall looms our union again. It is not a surprise to me
    that the union might fail again because the necessary things to be done have been neglected. I believe the leadership of the house and generality of the Iwo land students should have learnt from the occurrence of the last year but it seems nobody cares to proffer solutions to the problems. In order not to commit a fallacy, there are many intelligent and progressive minds among the students who wish well for the union but the minority who are at the power pole ruling the union cares not about the interest of the generality.


    Furthermore, it is even pitiable enough that the union of this beautiful land has been turned into something else. Students whom should have been seen as the instrumental tool for development of land and agent of positive change have been metamorphosed to an agent of destruction, retrogression, and stagnancy. The minority at the power has redefined our union from a pressure group who fights for the interest of masses and against all oppressions to a platform where to parade themselves as something big and seek financial help if possible from dignitaries with no tangible achievements thereby tarnishing the image of the union. Laughable enough, the union has gone beyond to a level where god-fatherism is the order of the day.
    Many people who are even incompetent to be representatives in their classes let alone the departmental or faculties unionism have been the personalities ruling the union. What achievements are we now expecting from incompetent leaders? I have challenged one of the former presidents of the dear union at the National Level with this beautiful question, what have you achieved as the president of the union? Just mention one tangible achievement, don’t tell me FILSU SUMMER HOLIDAY CLASSES.
    It is a shame; nothing could be pointed at as his achievement. This shows many a student is only after the tag of I am the President, I am the Welfare Director, or I am the Clerk of the house without a clear definition or agenda they have for the union. I drown in laughter when I see many of them calling themselves comrades. I wonder if they even know the meaning of the word. This set of immature minds should not be tagged as
    anything than ‘Come and Raid’ not comrades.
    Furthermore, despite my little experience at the National level, I have seen many progressive minds, intelligent, smart and brilliant persons but I always feel why are these people not managing the affairs of the union? I later realized that they will never showcase themselves for this union because of the atmosphere at the union. It is visible to blind and audible to the blind that the union has been a platform for thugs and touts to showcase their talents. All radical expressions have been traded for rascality. In the 2015 election, we said the political forces were instrumental in the abortive election. As it stands, I think political forces are not even the problems at all. The students are the main problems of the union and also they are the solutions if they are ready to proffer it.

    In my previous publication, I said a question begging for an answer is, when will the youth of this land realize they are the future of this great land and when will the youth get liberated from these old people and selfish elders? It is high time we stood up against all oppressors. Nigerian youths are their own enemies. We must come together to fight corrupt leaders and politicians.

    I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice, and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the system of exploitation. FILSU needs to be reformed; we need competent, determined, composed and vibrant youth who are ready to resist the pressure of any external forces.

    The case is now different, the election has not come yet but the anticipation has shown that an unfriendly mood can be envisaged. Does this union has a future? It is a disgrace that self-interest has become the order of the day. Activism has been the substitute for battle-grounds, exchanging of blows and broken bottle grounds. You ask yourself are you really among students or some people else, wherein a congress of students smoking cigarettes, Indian helm and drinking alcohol have been the debatable issues. I cry for the future of this land if this still persists. Can we say

    I cry for the future of this land if this still persists. Can we say banning the union will be the solution? I don’t think so but how can this irritating situation be curbed. It is very important we all come together to fight these odorous elements who are painting our union with a bad image. We should all see this as a MUST fight for all. Our union should be vibrant, contributing to the community positively and serves as the voice of the voiceless.

    In addition, the problem I have with the union is the “I don’t care attitude” of the leadership of the union. It is very pertinent to listen to the voice and observation of the masses. Many intellectuals have suggested ways to move the union forward but it seems these elements at the power see their non-progressive self-idea as a priority over the call of the masses. I could remember vividly in the article I published last year on the incident of the election many solutions were proffered but who cares among these people who called themselves leaders of the union. I could
    I could also remember during the screening process of the 2015 election, great minds who have the interest of the union were present to observe and advised the electoral committee to disqualify whoever seem incompetent to represent the union, funny enough the committee members looked at such recommendations as intimidation and oppression. I later had a chat with one of the electoral committee members his reaction was if they disqualify anybody it can cause problems. Problems? I see no problem in this when he is not qualified and competent to represent the generality of Iwo land students. We could also see today, the problems conceived then has become a compounded problem today.
    Sincerely speaking, there are many things to be addressed in this union. Many way-forwards have been suggested but its implementation is seen as a problem to some people I don’t why. The set of leaders we have at union presently seem to report to their god-fathers before taking any action. This show the cabals are the one managing the union’s affairs not the figure-head and toothless dog leaders we have. Since the inception of the new electoral committee, things have been in hot mood and uproar because some people see the members of the committee as the loyalist of other parties and some see the installation of non-students among the members as the obstacle.
    To be frank, the 2016 election might become a title of movie “FILSU ELECTION HAS FALLEN AGAIN”. For this reason, cautions and careful approaches are needed at this moment. The shining sunset at our disposal can still be used to dry the wet cloth of the union. I will urge the leadership of the house and the newly installed electoral committee members to put necessary things on the ground that will facilitate the coming election. Failure to conduct another election this year might end the interest of the community in the union. My candid pieces of advice for the electoral committee members in order to conduct a successful, free and fair election are the following;


    It is very important to see the timely dissemination of information to all FILSUites as the main tool for their success. Never hide any information that can cause the committee any harmful or trouble in the future. Make use of the Facebook Groups, Whatsapp groups, and other platforms to disseminate necessary information to all members.


    One of the major reasons FILSU election is not seen as free and fair is the election criteria. Election criteria have the factor to elect new executives must be thoroughly looked into. Enough of election irregularities and manipulation. The electoral commission must devise processes to stop non-students and thugs to participate in the election that is meant for bonafide students of our land. The criteria chosen should be communicated to all members on time for any observation, reaction or suggestion from any member or aspirant.


    Transparency is a cogent element to achieve success for any committee. Never play smart or hide anything which is necessary to be public. One of the problems is the transparency level of the members of the committee. Some members of the committee are loyalists to aspirants or cabals to manipulate the election processes.


    The source of any problem is when an incompetent and non-knowledgeable individual is in the realm of the affair. This has been a mistake made for many years. What I witnessed at the last year screening ground is so disgusting. Many aspirants’ answered to questions, reactions, dressings, behaviours, and characters were shows of shame. I will urge the committee to honourably disqualify whoever fails to meet all standard requirements set by the committee. Though, the requirements should be flexible enough in order to avoid misunderstanding. I don’t think disqualifying any undeserved aspirant should be a problem in order to avert problems or disaster that such person might bring in the future. When the fear to disqualify an incompetent or unqualified aspirant is present then the future of this union is still at stake.


    There is a need for the committee to have a strong internal control system. A weak internal control system might give loopholes for irregularities or malpractices. Laid down guidelines should be followed strictly and without favouritism. Favouritism leads to bending of the rules and laid down guidelines which weaken the control system.


    It is very germane to mention this; it is one of the main problems of the union. I only heard of cabals and god-fatherism in Politics of this country not knowing it has also become the order of the day of our union. I will urge the committee members to try as much to avoid the interference of the cabals and the so-called god-fathers. Remember your name is at stake likewise your future is at stake.


    It is very important to welcome any progressive ideas from the so called stakeholders. Be cautious and thread softly with the stakeholders because they might push you to a wall of shame. Some stakeholders in the union are just like god-fathers in politics; who collect from Paul and Peter to support them. It should be noted that all members of this union are stakeholders because we all have the interest to move the union higher.
    If all these suggestions have been given consideration to and other observations from intellectual minds are being looked into I believe we can have a fair and free election. We can have a union of the future. A union that would be the solidarity voice to fight for our rights. Thuggery acts and
    rascality can be reduced in our union. I feel so saddened seeing my brothers and sisters calling themselves students displaying another way around. They call you the thug and you gladly answer such name? As a student, you should serve an as good example to others and you should be seen as intellectual. When are many of us still fighting to solidify this union when will the youth of this land contest to represent this land at the Lower and Upper Chamber of this country? Think twice
    As a student, you should serve as good example to others and you should be seen as intellectual. When are many of us still fighting to solidify this union when will the youth of this land contest to represent this land at the Lower and Upper Chamber of this country? Think twice my brothers and sisters you have a brighter future, don’t ruin the future now with your non-challant attitude at the FILSU National level because of a post that would last for months.
    Iwo Land has been retarded position in terms of growth and development as a result of non-participation of the youth. If the union is dead, no vibrancy at the union and non-developmental programmes has been anchored by the union; do you think the youth can be welcomed to contribute their quota at the level of IWACIDPC and others. Don’t you think you have a golden name to protect for the future? Why causing trouble here and there for this union. Forget the selfish interest; let the interest of the land be first and priority to you. When a land is blessed, peaceful and habitable then all individuals enjoy the atmosphere.
    To all the agents of destruction, disturbance, and violence it would better you repent today. Think of your future, whatsoever you are doing today is being written in a book maybe you don’t know. Sit down today my brothers and sister, review and proof-read all your actions so far. Will your actions be a curse or blessing to you tomorrow? We are all history book. Posterity will either rain curses or blessings on you after reading your history book.