Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – Solutions to All Your Sleeplessness Issues

    Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is one of the most important things to lead a healthy life. When you deprive yourself of a good sleep, you not only affect your physical health, but also the mental health. Disturbed sleep or inability to sleep can be really frustrating.
    Lack of good sleep can seriously cause damage to your health by the growth of a tumor, weight increase, frequent hunger, mood swings, low productivity at workplace and home, and it can also impair your memory, etc.
    There are various health issues that can affect your sound sleep. But, be rest assured that most of these problems have solutions.

    Below are sleeping problems and their solutions:

    Do you wake up in the middle of the night with painful jaws? You may have been grinding your teeth all night. This issue is medically called Bruxism.


    Quickly set up an appointment with your dentist. A teeth guard may be recommended for you to wear at night. This guard will prevent your teeth from clenching your jaws in the night. You should also stay away from alcohol before going to bed. If you are the type that chews gums, you should stop the habit.
    Urinating frequently while sleeping is medically referred to as Nocturia. This is common with old people.


    Try to avoid drinking too much water and other fluids before going to bed. If the problem persists, men should make sure to have their prostate checked. Women may have urinary inconsistency problems, doing Kegel exercises can help solve the problem.
    Sleep apnea is another condition which refers to uneven and abnormally loud snoring. This could be as a result of soft tissues growing in the throat and blocking air passage at times leading to repeated disruption of breathing.


    You should set up an appointment with an otolaryngologist who may recommend devices like CPAP device and nasal blocks etc.
    Restless leg syndrome is another condition which refers to feeling itching, prickly or tingling sensation in your legs while sleeping.


    Diabetes, anemia or vitamin deficiency could be the cause of restless leg syndrome, but you should consult your doctor to find the real cause.
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    Other issues that affect your sleep are:

    1. Late heavy dinner: Eating a heavy dinner in the night before sleep is one of the causes of sleeplessness or sleep disturbance.
    Solution – Endeavor to eat early. Also, avoid eating foods that contain too much fat and protein. Stop the intake of caffeine and alcohol intake.
    2. Phone/Computer devices: Chatting on social media networks and surfing the web into late nights will surely affect your sleep.
    Solution – Do away with your smartphones and devices in the bedroom. Also, avoid watching TV in the bedroom. Listen to good music and read nice books instead.
    3. High/Low Temperature: What is your room temperature like? Is it very hot or too cold? This can affect your sleep.
    Solution – If your room is too hot, wear clothes that are breathable and can wick moisture to bed. If it is too cold, wear thick or woolen clothes and use blankets to cover your body.
    4. Light: Light is capable of affecting the internal clock and prevents you from getting enough good sleep.
    Solution – Keep your room’s lights off, also ensure windows and curtains are closed.
    5. Irregular Routine: Getting too much sleep at different times of the day can cause sleeplessness in the night.
    Solution – Program yourself to sleep at the same time every day, including weekends. Except if you work nights, just have a regular sleeping time.
    6. Bad Mattress: This is one reason that should be giving a lot of importance.
    Solution –Purchase the best mattress, preferably memory foam mattress, which ensures a good night’s sleep.
    Try to get to the root of your sleeplessness and find the right solutions for it. Cut off the problems as soon as possible. Sleeping is a well exercise for a better health. Stay healthy.


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