How To Reduce Stress That Causes Hair Loss and Bad Hair


    Life is not always comfortable and enjoyable. You can be exposed to the stress of work, life issues, and many other pressures. Get the right tips so that you can reduce or overcome it, you can even prevent it. You can enjoy this interesting article below is written by the experts.

    By: Alex Fir

    Your hair will be radiant and be shining if you are healthy physically as well as emotionally.
    Also, your hair becomes dull and lifeless if you are upset emotionally. Your hair will begin to fall out, and it will become waxy with the overproduction of sebaceous glands.

    Stress can affect your hair the same way that affects your other major organs such as your heart. However, stress can cause hair loss and many times cause hair problems 3-6 months after some trauma event occurred.

    As soon as your body finds its equilibrium and you have recovered from stress, the hair loss should cease. Reducing stress can stop stress hair loss so consider the following stress management techniques.

    Deep Breathing

    Deep breathing is a simple but effective stress management technique. It is actually the core component of many stress management techniques, which are comparatively complex in nature.


    Imagery is a method of relaxation through the use of pleasant or relaxing images. Such images help to calm the body and mind. One can get a sense of relaxation by simply controlling the breathing and viewing some soothing image.

    Meditation Techniques

    Meditation has long been one of the most popular stress management techniques. It is the process of focusing on the core of one’s being. It soothes the mind, body and the emotions. One can do meditation by the daily practice of a routine or simply while being alone outdoors.

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    One can use Progressive Muscle Relaxation to achieve mental relaxation through physical relaxation. It involves tightening and relaxing the muscle groups in succession. In this technique, you first need to tense up a group of muscles to contract them as much as possible. Then relax the muscles normally after a few seconds. You should relax the muscles as much as possible.

    Autogenic Training

    This stress management technique uses passive concentration and awareness of the body sensations for relaxation. Physicians use Autogenic training as a part of therapy for many ailments. In this technique, one focuses upon different sensations in different organs of the body through repetition of the autogenic “formulas”. Those sensations include warmth, heaviness etc.


    Biofeedback is an advanced technique for achieving relaxation, controlling stress responses and for modifying the body’s reactions. Also, it uses certain monitoring equipment to extract information from the body. Such equipment can measure heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity, muscle tension, stomach acidity and other biological functions inside the body.

    Martial arts 

    Practicing martial arts can be a great stress management technique. It keeps one physically fit and mentally alert. There are several martial arts that one can take up. Tai chi is a Chinese martial art that is popularly known as “meditation in motion”. It stresses precision and force. The body movements are soft and flowing.


    This ancient Chinese health care system combines Eastern philosophy and relaxation techniques with physical training. The physical training includes aerobic conditioning, isometrics, isotonic etc. This stress management technique has several forms. Though, they are effective in the treatment of various medical conditions.


    This ancient Indian form of exercise is highly effective as a stress management technique. Yoga has many forms but all forms work on the principle that the mind has a connection with the body and breathing. Also, Yoga restores the balance and harmony in the body and emotions through different breathing exercises and postures. It increases the body’s flexibility and capability for relaxation.

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