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50 Foods That Are Perfect For Digestion and Your Health

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Food is one of the essential tools of life. In fact, it should be called survival tool for life. As we all know, food consists and serves as life support instrument to the body. To have a healthy body then you should have taken some nutrients which are beneficial for the body system. 
No doubt, we are too busy in our life pursuit for the daily routine, likely to the office, school, workplace, market or other places. With the following stress of the activities listed above, it can be somehow difficult to take nutrients and healthy food for the body system. A popular saying goes thus “ Health is wealth”; I am telling you, my readers, health is not only wealth, it is also life. A healthy food means a healthy living system.
As a result of the daily routine activities, we might be too busy to find a healthy food to take in, here are the compilations of 100 foods that can be of beneficial, nutrients and healthy to your body system and can be incorporated into your meals every day. These foods also in returns aid and fasten your digestive system.
I am sure, you have eaten some before while there are some of these foods you have not been incorporated into your daily food before. Let’s go straight to the point.


1.     Chicken
2.     Yogurt
3.     Lime
4.     Ginger
5.     Turmeric

6.     Pepper

7.     Green Peppers

8.     Onion

9.     Rice

10.                   Spinach

11.                   Coconut

12.                  Red Peppers

13.                  Yellow Peppers

14.                  Garlic

15.                  Mango

16.                  Fish

17.                  Cucumber

18.                  Coconut Oil

19.                  Beans

20.                  Pulses

21.                  Apples

22.                  Legumes

23.                  Peaches

24.                  Avocado

25.                  Sweet Potato

26.                  Corn

27.                  Lemon

28.                  Pineapple

29.                  Papaya

30.                  Cabbage

31.                  Bananas

32.                  Mushrooms

33.                  Peas

34.                  Mint

35.                  Kidney Beans

36.                  Grains

37.                  Nuts

38.                  Oats

39.                  Chocolate

40.                  Berries

41.                  Carrot

42.                  Honey

43.                  Pears

44.                  Watermelon

45.                  Soybeans

46.                  Grapes

47.                  Tomatoes

48.                  Eggs

49.                  Peanut Butter

50.                  Cereals

Health is wealth, my readers. If you have found any of these foods not taken by you, then, it is very pertinent for you to add it to your daily food for the digestive system and also for your balanced diet.
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