How To Get Your Man So Committed To You

    There are many tricks to implore in order for a man to fall for you. But the truth here is that most women do not make use of some of these tricks effectively well.
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    Most relationship doesn’t go further because of little mistakes that women make. Its one thing to have a man love you on a first date and another thing to have him keep his love for you. What you do can make or break a relationship.

    On a first date, a man tends to love the woman but how far can this love go? It all depends on the woman.

    Remember, a little mistake can sabotage the love but a little correction can keep the love burning.

    Sincerely speaking, every woman wants to have a man that forever loves, but some women do take the wrong step which in the long run leaves them heart-broken and emotionally depressed.

    On the other side, you have gotten the man and you know it, but the problem right now is how to get that man to show his full commitment and love to you.

    I know very well that you want him to put that golden ring in your finger but not all men do that so easily. Men are always calculative and thoughtful and wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their life with a woman they don’t really love.

    For a man to walk you down the altar and kiss your lips before the congregation you must have done something and that is what? Win his heart. And how do I win his heart?

    Well, if you are among the category of women seeking for a way to capture and win your man’s heart, then this article is just for you.

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    1. Be your Real Self

    The biggest mistake women make is putting on a copy of what they are not. You watch those female celebrities on television, the way they dress and twist their hips while walking and men are lusting after them. And you think doing the same thing will cause your man to love you? No, he will only lust after you and not love you. Don’t wear a fake masque hoping that your man will love you. That love won’t last the next day.

    Have you ever thought if how the reaction of the man would be when he comes to find out that all along the line you’ve been putting on a fake identity? The man won’t forgive you and even if he does, that relationship will in no time go down the drain.

    A man would appreciate a woman that comes as she is. Be real and you would definitely win your man’s heart.

    2. Set a Standard

    Having a limit to what you do in a relationship is good especially as a woman. Some women think that a man would love them if they cater to every needs of the man. The fact that you want him to love you does not mean that you have to place yourself in a position that symbolizes that he is your all in anticipation.

    Also, men don’t think more of women who are ready to jump into the bed with them on a first date. So, set a good standard for yourself. Don’t be too emotionally dependent on the man; you can decide to be happy even without the man.

    Don’t let the man trample upon your decisions all because you want him to wed you. If he treats you in a way that is not appealing to you, let him know that.

    For you to gain his love completely, stand up for the standard you have set, you know why? If a man knows that he is always getting away with anything he wants and you have no say, I tell you, you will no longer be valuable in his sight. He would always want to take advantage of your stupidity because he knows full well that you have no set down principles. He is not going to love you that way.

    So, for your man to walk you down the altar as a result of his love for you, learn to set a standard and if he tries going against your decisions, tell it to his face.

    3. Don’t force him

    Forcing or pushing a man to love you is completely wrong. If I don’t love you, I can’t possibly do, no matter how much force you apply. It will only get worse when you try pushing a man to take you to the altar and wed you. If your man truly loves you, he will surely put a ring on your finger, so don’t force him. Every man expects that day to come when he can show the world his new bride.

    Forcing him shows that you are desperate and trust me, men don’t truly love desperate women.

    Give your man some space, withdraw yourself a little and don’t force yourself on him.

    I know that you might be thinking, ‘what if he is not ready to take me to the altar? I guess I just have to force myself on him lest I lose him’. Yes! You are right to think that way. But that is the thought of fear and if you are fearful of losing the man, that shows you are desperate.

    If a man sees you not too desperate, he will come wholeheartedly for you. Learn to be vulnerable; even if the relationship comes to an end, you can still be happy.

    A man is more likely to marry a woman whom he is more comfortable with than a woman who is always forcing herself on him.

    4.  Be loving

    For a relationship to keep going and eventually lead to marriage, both parties must be caring, kind, affectionate and loving. So, it’s not the duty of one person to be showing forth the love. How do you expect your man to put a ring on your finger when you are not showing him how much you do love him? It doesn’t work that way. Am not saying that you have to force yourself on him, but from time to time, take your time to know how he is doing. Ask him how his day was. As he speaks, listen to him and you can also encourage him when he is down. That is love.

    You should also know the food your man likes best, prepare it for him and serve him in a more romantic style.

    For you to be loved, you must have to show it.

    But there is a problem! If you are faking your love, he will know, so be real in whatever you do except you don’t want that long-awaited ring on your finger. And am sure you do want it.

    Wow! It’s quite a long article indeed. But I guess it’s indeed helpful. Isn’t it?

    Have I missed something? Please kindly drop it using the comment box and don’t forget that sharing is caring.

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