6 Most Lucrative Small Businesses to Start in Dubai, UAE for Entrepreneurs

    Although, the entire UAE is thriving with business opportunities allowing local and international entrepreneurs to company setup in dubai and expand them over time, Dubai stands tall and above all. With an abundance of resources, superb market competion and capital investment firms, the business atmosphere is just perfect as long as you comply with the regulations that may change with the economic shift. For now, let’s have a look at small businesses which, to our surprise seems to have outgrown across this wonderful city in the UAE!

    1. Restaurant
    Before you plunge into the restaurant business blindly, better determine the targeted population to serve during the course. There’re many different areas throughout Dubai famous for food lovers and with established restaurants all around, you’ll definitely face a heck of a competition and thus, more profit. For starters, go for Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and Arabian cuisine as they’re more delectable.
    2. Electronics store
    Well, electronics goods in Dubai are comparably cheaper as compared to any other region and you’ll find the latest array. Still, not everyone wishes to go to the branded electronic store only to shop for a typical, solo brand as consumers nowadays prefer variety. Make a difference by sporting trendiest electronic items from simple to sophisticated of difference renowned brands.
    3. Asset management & evaluation
    Since real estate and business market in Dubai has all it takes to draw some worthy investors from around the world, an asset management and evaluation company would serve you just right. It focuses on determining the value of a company’s or investor’s assets whether a decision can be taken considering the available resources. Your role here would be that of an intermediary, bridging the gap between the company and potential client/investor.
    4. Transport/conveyance business
    With all the latest infrastructure developments taking place across the city, this business would surely generate some serious cash but also require a hefty capital. You need to choose the type of transport such as limousine, trucks and SUVs or taxis, the total number of fleet and setup essentials. A successful start would guarantee lots of profit!
    5. Beauty salon
    Speaking of the beauty industry, there’ve been tremendous changes over the years as modern-day men are far more concerned about their physical looks be it the face, feet, hairs, nails and so on. And since Dubai host all genres of people from around the world, a beauty salon business is likely to soar in due time.
    6. Landscaping industry
    Dubai; way back at the time of establishment and today is totally contradicting and it’s all due to careful and utterly professional landscaping techniques. Some of the marvels namely Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, The Dubai Mall and many other areas we see are a result of the flawless landscape. And while the city is moving into a new age of transformation, a likely business with all the heavy equipment and ultramodern technology would definitely bring cash beyond your anticipation.
    While we’ve listed some of the most prosperous small businesses, you’ll find many opportunities when in the city to make your mind.

    Author Bio:

    Asghar Paracha is an online digital marketing expert and a freelance content writer from UAE.
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