Ultimate Guide for Successful Team Building

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    Ultimate Guide for Successful Team Building

    Happy workers are a company’s most valuable asset. This is not just an empty phrase, since according to research conducted by the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy, happy employees are 12% more productive. Moreover, 36% of employees would rather be happier at work than have a $5,000 raise, a study by HR consulting firm Randstad US says.

    Here’s another stunning fact provided by Gallup researchers: close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by stunning 50%. All these statistics mean that it’s of vital importance to keep employees happy at work. Team building is a great way of helping people connect, have fun and relax, at the same time creating a basis for a better communication, motivation and creativity at work. Here are some ideas to help you organize successful team building events.

    Food for Thought

    Lunch breaks are one of the highlights of the work day for many employees. These short but sweet pauses have a great potential for bonding with your employees. Try going to a different place every time and instead of talking about work, play various games such as guessing a movie/song or charades. Two truths and a lie is a terrific way of finding out more about your teammates – each person tells two truths and one lie about themselves and the others should find out what the lie is. This way, people will get to know each other in a different light away from the office setting.
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    Great Outdoors

    It’s always great to spend some time outside and enjoy the nature. This significantly reduces stress and makes people more enthusiastic and energetic. There are dozens of outdoor activities that can encourage socializing, networking as well as a healthy competitive spirit.  Creating a garden for a local hospital or a nursing home is an amazing way of spending an afternoon together with your employees and what’s even better is that this can also have some fantastic effects in community involvement department and distinguish your company from competitors.

    Learning New Things

    Employees tend to be more motivated when they can learn new skills. However, those skills don’t always have to be work-related, so various classes and courses from time to time might spark some creativity. Taking cocktail making classes is a great idea as it combines learning new fun things in a festive atmosphere of a club. Well-known cocktail bars in  Melbourne should be the first thing you google when you’re planning some new team building activities.

    Refreshing Your Office

    In order for employees to feel more comfortable at the office, they should personalize it and give a distinguished touch by adding some interesting and feel-good details. This can be an ideal opportunity to involve all your coworkers and let them do a bit of interior decorating. As far as the budget is concerned, all those changes don’t have to cost much – several plants, photos, and decorations can do the trick. Rearranging the furniture using some Feng Shui tips can also engage people in team activities that will result in creating a stimulating work environment.

    The Name of the Game

    All work and no play isn’t a way to increase the productivity of employees. This is why it’s important to have some fun in the office by playing innovative and engaging games. Zombie escape is one of the most popular problem-solving games that also requires collaboration skills.  Office trivia is excellent for team bonding and finding out more about your coworkers. Designing a company coat of arms can show creative potential and create a sense of belonging to the company.
    What’s crucial is to understand that team building is one of the most profitable investments for any company and that there’s no place for second thoughts when it comes to this practice.


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