10 Healthy and Natural Remedies For Age Spots

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    What are Age Spots?

    Age spots can be said to be black or brown spots or flat tan. These spots vary in their size. These spots also tend to appear on parts of the body like face, arms, shoulders, and hands. The parts affected by this age spots are especially the parts exposed to sun.
    Age spots are very common in adults older than age 50. But, younger people can get them too, especially if they spend a lot of time in the sun.
     Age spot which is one of the diseases affecting the body system is also popularly known as liver spot. The liver spot can be recognized or noticed with some signs of flat brown spot which appear on the skin. These spots look like scars of an injury in the any part of the body. Though, they are especially noticeable on the back of the hand.
    The misconception is that Liver spots and freckles are the same thing. Frankly speaking, though both are spots disease but they differ from each other. Liver spot are different than freckles; freckles are not caused by any other thing than melanin pigments which react to the sunlight in fair-skinned people. Liver spots are the result of a ceriod pigment buildup in the skin of older people.
    These latter spots are the outward signs of free radical destruction within the body, including the brain and liver. The causes are poor diets, eating rancid fat, lack of exercise, excess exposure of the sun, autointoxication, and sluggish liver function.
     However, to make it clearer because many people take no cognizance of minor thing which might be the cause of the problem affecting some individuals. The fact is, exposures to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays are also involved in this problem. As a result, special cells, called melanocytes, produce too much colour.
    However, these spots can be prevented by avoiding exposing parts of the body to sun too much. Below are natural remedies that you need in other to cure age spots. Best herbal supplement for you
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     • Eat high quality foods (especially green, leafy vegetables).
    Eating of quality like green or leafy vegetables as said above purifies the blood and nourishes the glands and also keeps the bowels open. Exercise the body and the mind. Keep the immune system in a good shape. Take nutritional supplements. Drink lots of water.
     • Take in Vitamin E
    Another powerful which also a helper is the use of vitamin E (800-1,200 units per day), which tends to destroy free radicals, also take vitamin A as beta carotene. Take a daily B complex supplement, plus additional B2 take grapefruits seed extract daily.
     • Eat quality protein foods and avoid old seeds and nuts.
    Protein without a doubt is nourishing food that makes the diet system a complete one. The absence of protein contents food in diet system is risky. Though, the oil in them may be rancid. Do not use meat or milk, obtain all your fats as unsaturated fatty acids.
     • Drink enough water
    Water is a natural medicine to any ailment. Water should be preferable to any other forms of drinking be it soft drinks or hard one. Therefore, it is advisable to drink enough water for such disease. It is also of important to note that or make sure it is either pure or distilled.
    Avoid too much exposure to the sun
    As stated above when discussing the causes of this age spot, I noted the exposure to the sun as one of the major reasons for this disease. Try it as much as you can to avoid too much exposure to the sun. Aside from the age spot, too much exposure to the sun can also other diseases like a headache, malaria, and others.
    • Avoid Commercial Creams
    One of the major causes of this disease is using of uncertified and ungratified creams. Many people apply creams to the body without the care of where the creams were manufactured, the effects of the application of the body and the end result of the cream. It is also important to avoid the usage of commercial skin cream or cleansing creams. The best option as a cream to use is the application of olive oil and stays warm.
    • Apply Lemon Oil
    The application of lemon oil is also important to repel the spot age problem. Though it has bleaching properties but it helps fade the spots. There are many other oils you can apply to the spots to fade away the age spot, an example is gotu kola. This Kola also helps fade them away as well.
    • Apply Aloe Vera
    Another important force to repel this disease is the use of Aloe Vera. We all know the importance of Aloe Vera. It serves many purposes. Just rub Aloe Vera gel on the affected spot.
     • Avoid the consumption of these elements
    It is very important to avoid the consumption of some things that are affecting the body system. The consumption of these things seems enjoyable and desirable but they pose threat or harm to our health. Examples of these things are all white flour, white sugar, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, cigarette smoke, hydrogenated oils, fried foods, chemicals, drugs and also do not overeat.
    • Importance of Burdock, Milk Thistle, and Red Clover
    The importance of these should not be underestimated. The burdock, milk thistle, and red clover also help cleanse the bloodstream.

     Finally, see this life as a gift to you. You did not pay for it, therefore it is vital to take care of his life. Eat foods, drink water and take things that will make your body system fit. Never forget the importance of exercise. Always stay healthy and safe.


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