How Work Environment Affects Productivity

    Many people try to equate productivity with the efforts invested, but these two are simply not the
    same. No matter how hard you try, how well rested and how motivated you are, sometimes you are able to do more, while sometimes, things are just not working out. While the aforementioned factors do play a role in one’s productivity, they are not the only ones. In fact, one’s work environment is also a huge factor in their work performance.
    Here are a few reasons why.


    Psychology of Colors
    It is a well-known fact that different color hues and nuances have different effects on our productivity. For example, warm intense colors like red and orange tend to make us aggressive and more alert, while baby blue and bright yellow have a calming effect. Now, the connection between this and productivity is a situational one. While salesmen and negotiators benefit from the aggressive hues, those who need to focus may require a more relaxed ambience.
    Numerous Distractions
    Another thing that could affect one’s productivity in the workplace is various distractions. Even in the strictest of companies, the more people spend time in the same office, the noisier it is going to be. Unfortunately, in some cases, the layout of the office is not helping either. For example, the breakroom may be too close to the work area which means that people on their break might distract those still working.
    Furthermore, placing office appliances in an another room or across the floor
    Furthermore, placing office appliances in an another room or across the floor will cause people to constantly move around and through the office, which can be a distraction.
    Counterproductive Mess
    A recent research on the effects of the tidy/messy environment on human accuracy shows that people have a hard time focusing in a messy environment and are prone to making more mistakes in such working conditions. Unfortunately, mess is mostly unavoidable in an office space, but there are some ways to manage it. When negotiating with a cleaning company, insist on high cleanliness and tidiness standards. Make a set of rules for behavior in your office. Try to declutter a cable mess behind the desks.
    All of these, when done right, might boost the productivity in your workplace.
    Adequate Lighting
    Furthermore, it is also well-known that adequate lighting has a great effect on one’s productivity. A room with dim light is bound to make people feel chronically tired and, in this way, also
    make them underperform.
    On the other hand, brighter lights can also be counterproductive since it can reduce one’s ability
    to think clearly and even affect one’s internal timing and hormonal release. Needless to say, keeping any room over-illuminated costs substantially more on both the monthly and the annual level. Using LED downlights can be the most efficient solution to this problem.


    The Right Temperature

    Finally, even the right temperature may affect one’s productivity. Sure, different people have different metabolism and someone’s always complaining about the temperature. However, according to research from 2004, and ideal office temperature is between 68 and 77 degrees. It was noticed that the output of typing soared by an impressive 150 percent, while the percentage of errors was reduced by almost 45 percent, when the room temperature is maintained in this range.
    As you can see, managing a successful office is about more than just organizing workstations. If you want your staff to do their best, you must do something for them first. Create an ideal work environment that will allow them to focus, stay alert and always be at the height of the task in front of them.
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