Rich or Poor! 8 Things Human Beings Can Never Escape in Life

    Life is worthy of living when things go smoothly. You enjoy this world when positive or good part of it is at your side. It is obvious that each word has its opposite, the same principle applies, as this world, which is our life, is shaped around positive and the other side. Many beings wish all their lifetime could be good, good and good but as a matter of fact, human beings are created to taste both sides.
    Being a rich or poor man does not guarantee you an escape route from these eight (8) stages or things in the lifetime. Many think when you are a rich person or from a rich family then you will be enjoying all the positive parts of the life, but unknowing to the young or old poor person that not all
    millionaires or billionaires enjoy the maximum level of their lives.
    In one way or the other, no human being will ever escape these eight stages in life. A poor man will pass through these stages likewise the rich person will surely pass through the same stages, which tend to be a balanced equation in one of the equations of Almighty God. God has perfected the eight stages for all His creatures. Every situation in this life is like a dream, it has its period of time, so do not lose hope whenever the condition you are facing now, no condition is permanent.


    The eight (8) stages of life that all human beings will surely witness and can never be escaped are the following:
       HAPPINESS: The word itself sounds positive to everybody. Everybody wants to be happy, be pleased, contented and joyful. Happiness is one of the stages of life you can never escape in your life either being a poor or rich fellow. At a particular period of time you should have experienced the mood “happiness”, surely something or somebody should have made you experience the feeling somewhere. That goes with a general saying that “Money cannot buy happiness”. The state of happiness is not limited or restricted to anybody; God gives it to all his creatures.
          SADNESS: Though it might sound negative to you. It is one of the eight stages that human being can never escape in this life. The opposite of happiness tends to be sadness. This stage is an unfriendly moment which no human being will ever pray to experience it. Some think only the poor men feel sad or experience this feeling. As a matter of fact, rich men feel the stage even more than the poor fellow because a little achievement which can make a poor man happy might make a rich man said. Money cannot buy happiness as said earlier. No matter how happy you are you should have experienced this other side stage of life. Many feel sad because of examination results, child’s behaviour, business profit or loss, feeding, accommodation, clothing, shelter etc
              CONGREGATION: Either you are a poor man or rich man you will surely flock together with some set of people. Congregate with people is also another stage you can never skip in this life. Anyway in this life you must have been a congregation either to celebrate, greet or doing another thing. A tree cannot make a forest. Which means you will surely need the assistance of some other beings to survive in this life. A rich man will flock together with his caucus. While the poor man will also flock together with his great people.
                 LONELINESS: As mentioned above in the last stage that a tree cannot make a forest. It is true but in this life, there will be some times where you will surely be alone or which require being lonely. You can’t always be with your caucus; you will surely feel this stage in your lifetime.
               CHALLENGES: Challenges in this life make you stronger and stronger. No being has ever achieved anything without facing difficulties or challenges. A poor man will face challenges; a rich man will face challenges, now it remains unto you how you will tackle the challenges. No shortcuts to the glory land, be firm and determined that you will surely overcome your challenges.
              EASE: Freedom pains or challenges are another essential feature or stage that human being will surely pass through in his lifetime. As said before, as a matter of fact, you face challenges then after overcoming the difficulties or challenges then you are at ease. You are free from pains and you become less tight or severe. People face different challenges in life. However, at the end of each challenge they become and feel the stage of being at ease.
                SICKNESS: Another negatively minded fellow of stages human being can never jump over is the state of illness. A rich man falls sick likewise a poor man falls sick too. No human being can ever escape this stage, in human being’s lifetime. He would have been experiencing this stage in form of, cold, headache, pains, Malaria, Fever, Stomach-ache and others.
         Surprisingly, the poor men who many think cannot afford the balanced diet. Majority of them their sickness is as small as what can be treated locally. While the so called Mr. Millionaire or Billionaire who eats all sorts of vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetable contacts disease or fall sick. Sickness which are more dangerous than the poor man who eats unbalanced diet, the like of cancers, lung problem, hypertension, measles, diabetes etc
                   HEALTHY: Health is wealth as people say; nothing can replace the state of well-being of an individual. Disease-free or illness-free is a positive stage for any human being, which makes you vibrant to face challenges and makes you feel happy. A poor man with a healthy body is better than a billionaire on the sick bed if the saying of health is wealth is to be followed. All human beings experience the state of well-being. It is not a particular stage for some special creatures of God.
             Finally, never hope because of your current situation or because of the challenges you are facing right now. Nothing is permanent in this life. Merely looking at the eight (8) stages you will notice that they just like word and its opposite. This means God created everything with the concept of duality.
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