The Struggle is Real: Is it Fear of Success or Fear of Failure?



    by Deborah A. Bailey

    Sometimes you can be in love with the struggle. It can ignite your desire to work harder and to push when all you want to do is give up.

    It’s like when you’re lifting weights in a gym; when you go to the edge of your endurance you get to the point where you have nothing left. That’s the point where the breakdown happens that leads to the rebuilding.

    Over time you can feel yourself going longer, having more energy to push through. I’m not talking about pushing too hard and burning out. That’s a different thing entirely. I’m no stranger to that.

    Being a workaholic is probably the only acceptable addiction. The one you can talk about openly without someone either wanting to call the police or stage an intervention.

    But after a while, the struggle can get to be enjoyable. It can get your adrenaline flowing as your stress levels surge. You’re going against the odds. Getting it done. Aren’t you proud of yourself?

    Always pushing and never giving up. You can fall in love with the struggle. when that happens, it’s hard to let things flow. Because if there’s no fight, something’s missing.

    “Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.” ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

    I’ve had that happen with my writing. When I write, and I’m in the flow, it feels great. It doesn’t feel like work. Or how we think work is supposed to feel. Painful. Awful. Exhausting. Without a doubt, writing can be that way at times when you’re reaching for something and can’t get it on the page.

    So if you’re working on a business idea. You’re all excited and stressed and ready to put it all out there. Putting in time and money and whatever else you’ve got. Priding yourself on what you’re willing to do to get it done.

    What happens if you get to a place where you don’t have to struggle?

    What if you can get into a mode where you can, for the most part, get things done without running yourself into the ground. Without skirting the edge of your endurance?

        “Go all the way with it. Do not back off. For once in your life, go all the goddamn way with what matters.” – Ernest Hemingway.

    Either through experience or getting help or gaining knowledge, you’ve arrived at the place where you’ve reduced the need for constant struggle. There’s still an effort, but things get done with less drama and exhaustion.

    What happens when you achieve the goals you’ve set?

    You’re on the top of the mountain. You’ve done it. Now what? Where do you go from there?

    When you’ve achieved the thing you’ve been giving all your energy to –what then?

    Sometimes the love of the struggle…the getting…is stronger than the desire for the having.

    Where are you on your journey? Are you putting off reaching your goals because the struggle feels so much better?


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