8 Reasons Why You Should Join The Race Of Self-Employment Business

    Good day SABTrends readers. I’m by Name Abdulmalik the CEO of Nairatrace.com I will be discussing with you the reason why you should join the race of self-employment. Don’t worry I won’t take the whole of your previous time.



    In this article, I’m going to be brief because I wouldn’t like taking much of people’s time. Not how far but how well.

    Let get started!!!

    SELF-EMPLOYMENT When an individual earns income by working for himself/herself with or without the assistance of family members, such a person is said to be SELF-EMPLOYED. The major reason to join the race of self-employment are.

    1) The scale of operation is very low. That is, there are no paid employees other than the operator. This simply means the entrepreneurial role in self-improvement is limited and the cost of management skills and knowledge required are very low.

    2) Another reason for self-employment is that. The work is done personally by the operator and is entirely on the basis of his/her ability to perform the skills of his/her trade.

    3) The entry into self-employment business and exit from it are very easy. Also, there are no barriers, you can join and leave at will.

    4) Another reason is that skills and capital (money) requirement for self-employment is very low. Capital can readily be accumulated from personal savings. While skills are gained from apprenticeship.

    5) Many people are pushed into self-employment because of their inability to secure employment in the formal sector.

    6) An individual wanting flexible working might choose self-employment if a paid employment contract offering sufficient flexibility is unavailable.

    7) No more raise. Another big reason to join the ranks of the self-employed is the pure potential for earning your worth. Yes, you might put in some long hours to do so, but working for yourself put you in the financial driver’s seats.

    8) Another reason is your independence and control. You don’t have to depend on anybody to run your business, you are in total control of the day to day activities.

    Note that the above are just a few out of the numerous reason as to why you should go into a self-employed business.


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    1. Welcome Tiffany Yong W.T. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your meaningful contribution. Self employment is very important in today's world of unemployment.

    2. Who wouldn't want to be their own boss and run the business on their own terms right? I'm sure a lot of people would love to handle their own business and be self-employed. But there are limits and pointers that need to be followed if you want to be successful.

    3. I, too, subscribe to the concept of being your own boss. Being self-employed enables you to charter your course and determine the direction that you want to take. This way you are able to maximize your potential for success.

    4. Welcome Fred Hawson, Elizabeth O. And Kathy Lacuna. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate all meaningful contributions on the self employment article.

    5. I couldn't agree more. And yes, there are so many reasons why many of us should start working for ourselves rather than for others.

    6. Now, I do a bit of freelancing. Not very lucrative in the onset but way less stressful than the corporate life I had been living for many years. Thank you for the reasons you have listed here.

    7. Welcome Claire. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your meaningful contribution. Freelancing is not bad at all, wish you success in the line.

    8. Though its true, self employment is much much more hard work and much less money to begin with in the beginning stages. A lot of factors count in, including need of stable income, family support, determination, passion for the work etc that keeps it going.

    9. Welcome Bhushavali. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution. Well said, difficult at start but enjoying in the long run

    10. Yes self employment is great, I definitely benefit from the pro and some which you have listed. But it is not suitable for everyone at all. It is a very tough thing to master.

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