Thinking, An Indicator of Success


    According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Thinking has been defined as a process of having a particular opinion about something. It can also said to be a process of using your mind to consider something, forming connected ideas and trying to solve problems. Thinking plays a vital role in one’s life. I could remember then in one of my courses I took in university, Philosophy in particular, a philosopher described human as a ‘thinking thing’. If truly as proved by the philosopher that all human beings are ‘thinking thing’ then thinking plays major role in all our endeavours.

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    In lieu of this, thinking is one of the features which makes human being more superior to any other being. Human beings would have been also classified as ordinary animal but a feature makes human beings distinct among all other animals as said by the scientists, is not that any other thing than the feature called “thinking”. With the analysis above, it is crystal clear that thinking is one of the most important features that makes human beings the best creature.

    However, thinking is not just the basis of human beings but also an indicator of success. The thinking rate of any individual determines the successful rate such individual will achieve. Ask yourself as you are reading this article, how many times do you think per day? Though, thinking alone is not enough unless you put your thinking into actions but no doubt, thinking comes first. Your thinking determines what you become in life. I always say to my friends that an individual is not known, recognized or remembered with his beauty or physical appearances but his thinking. Your thinking says a lot about you, it tells the world who you are and what you are capable to do. I don’t think as a human being you can do anything without the tool called ‘thinking’ comes first unless such actions or plans lead to futility.

    Furthermore, your level of thinking reflects how successful you will become. Your thinking is just like a dream you want to turn into reality. Therefore, it is pertinent you ask yourself today am I thinking the right way? Your thinking says who you are. If you see someone sitting down beside a dustbin in a populated market and starts eating the dirty element disposed off by the market women, what will firstly come to your mind is, is the man sensible? It is crystal clear that, a right thinking human being will never do such a thing. The thinking of that man eating in the dustbin has shown that he is an insane person; this is how your thinking describes you.

    Moreover, our level of thinking grows as human beings also grow in ages. A kid’s level of thinking will be different to that of an adult person. The thinking of a kid will be different in the sense that, his pursuit will be as minor as I need food, cloth and toys to enjoy my life. In the other hand, the thinking of an adult will be more huge and elaborated than just food, cloth and playing materials. This says a lot how thinking can be said to be an indicator of success. An objective or goal without an action plan is just a mere dream; an action can’t also exist without a positive thinking or mindset. Thinking should be on your daily activities, takes thinking as an exercise you will be doing every day.

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    Also, your thought as equate as your dream is something important. If you think to be the most successful human being in this world it shows that your thinking says that. If your thinking says you can break the records of the most successful person in the world then the journey to break the records starts. If your thinking says you can become the best graduating student in your University then your mind will be set to achieve the milestone. In the other words, if your thoughts are shallow and narrow which doesn’t dream big things and says you can’t achieve such records then you remain reluctant and procrastinate all the times. A negative mindset brings nothing positive or good to your life. A positive mindset makes you energetic, boosts your level of confidence and shows you the directions to the success land.

    As a human being I never doubted what I can achieve in life in as much I am still a living soul because I know the rate at which I think. Ask yourself, have you been thinking on how to achieve your objectives or goals? Have you been thinking you can’t do that thing? Have you been thinking you are too small to attain that huge position? Do you think achieving your goals is impossible? Never let the negative mindset denies you the opportunity to attain any success.

    Many people have a positive mindset but these good thoughts have been aborted as a result of friends, family members or neighbours they take as advisers or confidants. Many times you tell other people, see what I am thinking, it is a big dream and do you think I can achieve this milestone? When such adviser or confidant takes you down with a response of you can never achieve it, making it more complex for you by telling you have you ever heard someone from your background has achieved such a milestone before? Sincerely speaking your positive thoughts will wreck down and reach the end point.

    A tree doesn’t make a forest; mingle with people of like mind. Positive thinkers should move with positive thinkers unless your dream to be successful in life will be cut short untimely. Negative mindset fellow will always be pessimistic about any action or plan, therefore, find like mind people to flow with that can foster your dream to turn into reality.

    What many people don’t understand is that, they can’t be successful sitting down in a region lonely with their thoughts. Singlehanded mindset might be good or perfect but to make it rich and true picture then you need to mingle with like mind people. Remember you are a ‘thinking thing’ as said by the philosopher; thinking is the root of your living. You have to change the rate at which you think to achieve a successful agenda. Bear it in mind today; thinking is an indicator of success.

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