What Really Counts In Life To Be Successful, Is it Why or What?

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    Every living soul wants to be a successful entity. No story is so sweet and wonderful to hear than a successful story by a successful personality. Success is sweet but it is not easily attained. You need to work hard, face interesting and fantastic challenges before you can enjoy the taste of being a successful man. To be successful in life, many things are surely ahead of you. You must overcome challenges and obstacles in order to reach the glory land.

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    Last week, I engaged with one of my friends and I got asked this question. What really counts in Life to be successful, is it why or what? The question was not a shock but I was astonished because the person who asked the question was just a friend I met online. However, to answer his question I simply used the way he can easily comprehend it using the medium where I met him to analyse my answer. I asked him the following questions;
    What is really important should I be doing on the web?
    What is really important should I be doing on my blog?
    What is really important should I be doing on Facebook?
    What is really important should I be doing on Twitter?
    What is really important should I be doing on Linkedin?
    What is really important should I be doing on Pinterest?
    What is really important should I be doing on Stumbleupon? And other what should I be doing on …….?

    The questions above are very pertinent and relevant to one’s successful life journey but these questions are not even the first questions you should be asking yourself. The first question you should be asking yourself is WHY?
    Why am I on the internet?
    Why am I running a blog?
    Why am I on this blog?
    Why am I on Facebook?
    Why am I on Twitter?
    Why am I on Linkedin?
    Why am I on Pinterest?
    Why am I on Social Media?

    The word ‘WHY’ is most important than the word ‘WHAT’ because before you even talk about the word ‘what’ the word ‘why’ makes you feel more focused, determined and moving towards achieving your goals. To keep the force going in achieving your set objectives the question ‘what should I do’ is more pessimistic but a question like ‘why should I do’ gives you a sense of reasoning for partaking in any task. The question ‘WHY’ forges you ahead of the task and makes you know the main reason you are doing such thing for any objective you sets in. The question keeps you off of irrelevant goals or objectives. If the question ‘WHY SHOULD I DO’ is reviewed and answered then you will know what objectives or goals to achieve at any time frame. Let me give you two points below to show you the reasons the question ‘WHY’ is more important in the course of becoming a successful being than the question ‘WHAT’.


    As said earlier above, the question ‘why’ is most important not only because it shows you the direction to the journey of your success but also makes you focused, energetic and determined. Taking the examples used above; why are you on facebook if I may ask you? Is it all about chatting or updating your timeline with ‘hello’ or ‘happy weekend my friends’? You should ask yourself that simple question. In addition, you should ask yourself ‘Why should I be reading this blog every day?’ does it really feed me with realities as promised? Why should I take the risk? After all the questions, then the next thing is what benefits will come out of it if I dare take the step? The question “WHY” answers it all.


    Another important thing about this question is that, it keeps you on track. It helps you in keeping your goals, objectives or plans on track. It makes feel on the right path which also directly or indirectly boosts your level of confidence to achieve your objectives or goals. If you really know why you are on facebook, twitter or social media platform then you will keep building around that goals.

    Finally, it is worthy taking any risk if your question ‘WHY’ is being analyzed and it seems beneficial. The question ‘What can I do’ makes you reluctant, makes you a lazy being and eventually procrastinate the journey to success land. In other word, the question ‘why can’t I do’ makes you energetic and boosts your level of confidence. Note this, no sweet success story without a bitter experience.

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    Saminu Abass Ola who is popularly called ‘Mr. Possible‘ is a young motivational and inspirational speaker and writer, who is also the brain behind this wonderful blog. He is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.