DO YOU SMOKE? See How Smoking Increases Aging And Shorten Life Expectancy


    Smoking of cigarette or tobacco has become rampant these days among youth. I keep asking myself is there any benefit to be derived in smoking cigarette, tobacco, india hemp, nacortis and others but I found none. To my surprise, the number of young men and women who smoke keep increasing everyday. And the most annoying part of it, is that, movie industry is also contributing to this social misfit behaviour because many of those called stars or role model smoke in the movies, you are likely to do what your role model is doing. Image result for smoking

    Though, some countries have passed laws to stop smoking in public places and cities in order to control and reduce its rate. But a big question you must ask yourself is, does smoking really increase aging? If yes, then why are you smoking? You have to stop smoking for the sake of your health. I’m amazed because people don’t listen or follow instruction of the cigarette they are smoling, the company itself says; smokers are liable to die young then you are patronising such material or product that can cause you untimely death.

    To be candid, I don’t think there is nothing else worse for your healthy life than smoking. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), in a report it estimated that it will result in untimely death or disability for half of all people who continue to smoke. It is said it is the greatest preventable cause of death.

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    The following listed items are just few of what smoking can cause. These are the causes;

    – Lung cancer

    – Other forms of cancer

    – Stroke

    – Heart disease

    – Lung disease and others

    If you really want to live long in this life and also stay healthy, you have to avoid smoking at all costs. Those smokers, at the age of 26 or 30 you think they 50 or 55 years old. You have to refrain yourself from all be it cigarette, tobbaco, narcotis, indian hemp, pipes and other forms because they are all thieves of age.

    My piece of advice for you is that quitting smokings has a huge benefit. If you stop smoking, it will increase your life expectancy and overall health.

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