Expoilt Your Weakness And Turn Them To Strengths


    Whatever type of plan, business, project, assignment or career you are pursuing there are four (4) factors you must consider. The acronym SWOT; which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

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    However, as a human being we all have our weaknesses but those weaknesses must be expoilted and be turned to our strengths.

    Have a complete list of both your weaknesses and strengths on a different sheets of paper. Make those lists your diary and put it in a place where you will be seeing it everyday. Try to look at your list of weaknesses and make sure you study the weaknesses very well. Find solutions to those problem to the extent that you feel no shame about them any more. Make those weakness part of your positive features of yours instead of negative ones.

    Stare at your list of weakness, is it there anything that cannot be changed? NO, you can turn them to be your strengths as long as you are thinking about them.

    Our weaknesses are embarassment to us which do not please us at all, therefore start thinking about that list of weaknesses of yours and let them become your strengths. As I always say, you are the problem and you are the solution. See yourself as your problem.

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