SABTrends wishes our readers with Farewell Dua For Ramadan

    SABTrends uses this medium to wishes all our Muslim Brothers and sisters readers a happy Eid I fitri on completion of this year Ramadan. We pray that blessings and grace of Almighty Allah be with you all.


    Farewell Dua For Ramadan
    “Ya Allah this blessed month of Ramadan is now coming to an end, please help me to remain steadfast in your Deen. Grant me the knowledge of Deen. Ya Allah, you are truly merciful, please forgive me. Choose for me, what is best. Ya Allah helps me to succeed in this life and the hereafter. Ya Allah, if I have been in any way ungrateful, unjust, dishonest; please forgive me.
    Ya Allah, I don’t know if I’ll be alive next Ramadan, please forgive me. Grant me a place in paradise. Save me from hell fire. Ya Allah, include me in the people who will be put in heaven without accountability. Ya Allah,  help me to spread your Deen in the best of ways. Ya Allah, please let me not be among the backbiters. Ya Allah forgives me if I have been among the arrogant. Ya Allah forgives me and the person who sent this to me. Grant us success. Verily you are most forgiving, most merciful.”

    Please forward this as a  sadqay-e-jariya

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