Do You Want Solutions? Embrace And Enjoy All Your Problems


    Some people think their problems are always negative and also approach them negatively. You must see and approach your problem with positive attitudes and minds in order to solve them.

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    All problems have their solutions, no single problem without some ways to solve it. It is crystal clear that even without a problem you cannot become a better person. You surely learn a lot from problems you faced. Then, why do we say we dislike problems? When there is positivity in them. Why do we tend to run away from our problems rather than embrace them and solve them explicitly?

    Another big hindrance is that we tag our problems as a powerful and great demon in a such a way that they look like monsters that live and stay with us during daylight and scare us during the night and turn to nightmare. Embracing your problem makes you a better planner for subsequent ones, you indirectly motivate yourself and it ease all other tasks.

    As a student in the field of Mathematics, you cannot become a better student in that field unless you have faced many problems, not even only faced but solve many problems. The solving problem makes you better mathematicians, the more the problem you have solved the higher your number of experience you have gained and a better mathematician you are.

    My best method of approaching problems is to look for a funny way to solve the problem. My belief is that certainly there is always a gift in any problem we face in our life. Embrace your problem with play, fun and enjoy them, I am very sure you will never miss the benefits or positive gifts that each problem carries.


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