Remembrance (R. I. P Mr BORA) : Don’t Major in Minor And Never Minor in Major


    This is being published on 11th April, 2016 at exactly 9:19 P. MThis topic might seem strange or somehow to some readers but I can tell you vividly, this quote is the best ever piece of advice I have gotten and I can also give to anybody.

    Firstly, let me use this medium to give respect and regard to the origin of this quote. This piece of advice is the first ever beneficial advice I had from a lecturer, teacher, adviser, Pathfinder, helper, father and a mentor in person of Late Dr. W. O. Akande, popularly known as ‘BORA’ from Department of Management of Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. May his perfect soul rest in perfect peace, forgive his shortcomings. I pray that may Almighty God grant him Aljanat (Paradise).

    It is really a great loss and Dr. Akande popularly called ‘BORA’ will always be remembered for his good deeds, interpersonal relationship, selfless attitude, and the lives he had touched positively. The name BORA is simply defined as ‘B’ or ‘A’, the late Doctor BORA who is a mathematician and also a Data Analyst will tell you as a fresh student in the citadel of learning that, no matter the course(s) make sure you either score B or A that is where the names originated from BorA. That’s the first lesson you will learn from this great scholar.

    However, going straight to one of the pieces of advice from Dr. BORA is the topic ‘Don’t minor in major and never major in minor’. From all the lessons and pieces of advice, I have learned from the late data analyst. I take this quote as the priority because of its weight, importance, and relevance in my life so far.

    What is the real meaning of this quote? In life, there is no doubt about it that not all things we do have the same importance. The importance or relevance to the course to achieve your target varies. In economics, it is called scale of preference, that is, ranking your needs in order of importance. The lesson from this is that the late doctor will say never minor in major and don’t major in the minor. Let me use a scenario to explain it so that you can understand it better so that you can benefit from it.

    In the tertiary institution, you offer many courses which are from your field of your study while some are not. Those which are not are those called borrow course from other department or special electives. These borrow courses or special electives have less significant on your cumulative grade point. Some students will now perform excellently at those courses which are less significant at the expense of their core and major courses where they perform woefully. The doctor will say never give importance to the lesser course and never give lesser concern to the major courses. This quote has been the bedrock foundation of many students in the Department of Management and Accounting, OAU, Ile-Ife. With this piece of advice, you will rank your courses in order of importance and study harder to score your expected grades.

    Furthermore, this quote is not only useful or important in the academic environment. Also, to the human life to achieve any set goal or target. Spend less time on what will neither benefit you nor add value to the course of your life to achieve your objective and attain success. In other hands, never underrate or degrade the important aspect or activity that will contribute immensely in order to achieve your objectives and goals. With this quote, it will serve as checkpoint whenever you are doing something. You will be asking yourself does this thing will add value or contribute to the course I want to achieve?

    I hope you have learned from this great quote, therefore, I tell you now, never minor in major and don’t major in the minor.

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