5 Common Eye Disorders and Tips To Prevent Them

    eye disorders

    5 Common Eye Disorders and Tips To Prevent Them

    The eye is a very important part of the body. It plays a vital role in the lifetime of any human being. No matter how valuable a thing is, it will surely get its other sides. Eye disorder has been one of the recent serious illness affecting both young and old fellow. Though the disorders might be a serious one or not but the fact still remain that many people are facing these common problems. There are many symptoms that cause the so called eye disorders. We shall discuss the symptoms and the tips to cure or prevent them.

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    blurred vision is one of the common eye disorders these days. The inability to see objects or any visual materials clearly. This also occurs when one of the two eyes turns to dark or blue-black colour suddenly, this is a symptom that should be given attention very early. Though, sometimes a blurred eye can arise as a result of fatigue, tiredness or eye strain. An example of this, students who do night reading for some days concurrently because of exam might get his or her eye blurred.

    Whenever you have a blurring eye kindly try to rest your eye for some moment. You need to reduce the rate at which you use the eye with the action that causes the blurring if the eye. However, if the blurring persists, endeavour to visit health care Centre for the eye test and treatment.

    Also, the eye burning can be caused by fatigue, stressing of the eye and tiredness. Stressing of the eye in particular causes this eye burning. An example of this stressing of the vision is persistent looking at screens be it television, computer, laptop and things that need our eyes to be focused on them for my hours. Though this disorder is not always an emergency case proper care should be taken.

    Reduce the rate of at which you use gadgets. To cure the eye burning, lubricating eye drops can be used. If it persists kindly see your doctor.

    Another common disorder is the trauma which can be caused by getting hit in the eye. Trauma can make your eye be red,  blurred and also be feeling some pains.

    Since we set to get hit in the eye can cause this, for an immediate treatment and relief kindly get an ice pack or very cold compress unto the injured eye. Also, desist from scratching or rubbing the injured eye.

    This can be caused as a result of an object or something in the eye. If something mistakenly gets into the eye then the should be an emergency case.  The reason is, the object might metal, wood, stone, or sharp object. It is very important to see the doctor immediately. It is therefore advisable not to rub the spot or the eye affected with the tempt of getting out such object because it might aggravate the matter.

    As said above, do not attempt to rub the eye with the attempt of removing the object. Though not all objects mistakenly getting into the eye have serious effects, for example, dust, dust can only cause irritation. Lubricating eye drops can also be used for immediate treatment.


    One of the commonest disorders is the itching eye. The itching eye is commonly caused by the allergy. It causes an uncomfortable feeling for the eye. It may tempt you to scratch the eye as a result of the uncomfortable situation but it is not advisable to do so.


    Never get tempted to scratch or run the affected eye because it might worsen the situation.

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      • You made me laugh with your first sentence. Rubbing your eye while reading this post. It is a pleasure having you on SABTrends Blog The Ordinary Girl. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution.

    1. Just a couple of things to add. If you have blurred vision, you have to consider if it is of sudden onset or gradual. If it's sudden onset accompanied by pain and redness in the eye, you must have it seen by the doctor immediately. Also for eye trauma, consider seeing a doctor or going to the ER.

    2. Oh I have a friend who had a red spot in her eye and the doctor said it is nothing serious and it will normally go away without any medication.

    3. sometimes, I experienced itching and really it's uncomfortable. I am wearing glasses when I'm reading and in front of my PC. This post is great for all to take positive assessment of our eyes.

    4. The eyes nowadays are more strained because of the gadgets and tools we use. It's advisable to give it some rest within a day.

    5. Many people take their vision and eyes for granted. Knowing all these eye disorders can probably encourage us to be more careful so we can prevent ourselves from having the symptoms.

    6. Redness in my eyes often happened to me, maybe because of my prolong use of computers and gadgets. I just close and rest my eyes for a while or/and sometimes I take a nap to rest my eyes.

    7. A lot of us do not pay much attention to our eyes until it's too late. Eye disorders are common these days and it would be nice to learn how to prevent them.

    8. The eyes is really important so we must be aware of the disorder. I for one have poor eyesight. It really helps to consult professionals in cases of discomfort.

    9. IN a sentence, do not rub your eyes! The hands carry a lot of germs that can cause eye problems. We should also not overwork the eyes, because that makes us rub the eyes.

    10. I get sore eyes easily, especially if shampoo gets into them. Luckily, it doesn't last that long. I want to wear glasses, even though I have perfect vision. I just like to wear them as a fashion statement.

    11. I agree with R, "Many people take their vision and eyes for granted" and I feel guilty about that because I take my vision and eyes for granted before. Too late that my eye vision is now not 20/20 and because of that I am now very careful when it comes to my eyes. People usually appreciate what they have when it's too late. Thanks for the tips! These are so helpful and informative

    12. This is a great post. Too often do we overlook eye symptoms, but sometimes the smallest symptom can be a BIG problem. I had some weird symptoms recently where I kept seeing black lines around objects at night. My eye doc wasn't sure why I was seeing this, but I did find out I had minor lattice degeneration, which may never cause a real problem in my life. It is still good to be aware of though. Thank you for the post!

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