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1. Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Answer: Hi, my name is Aliu Olaniyi, but my peeps call me niyonice.  I discovered a fewNiyonice Tech Blog

2. Tell us when did you startblogging professionallyy??

Answer: I started in 2013.

3. Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

Answer: For now I will like to call it both, because i dedicate any free time i have to get it going.

4. Please kindly tell us about your blogging journey so far?

Answer: I have meta lot of great people in my niche, i mean tech blogging. Likes of jide ogunsaya and more who motivated me when starting it up was tough and getting discouraging for me.  Yomiprof also encourages me to try and stay unique to get more traffic and people’s love.

5. Did you really have any expectations (short term, long term, financially) when you started blogging ? If yes, what were those expectations ?

Answer: When I first heard blogging, like most young peep mind which i was, it was all about the financial gains. But I was made to realise passion for it is more important than the financial benefits.

6. How did you choose the niche(s) that
you have chosen to blog in ?

Answer: I love technology, and making people get up to date information about it always put a smile on my face.

7. Did you receive any professional assistance or did you created your blog yourself?

Answer: I created my blog from scratch,  now I can boast of been a professional blog designer and also an online marketer but not in all fields.

8. Do you have other blogs that you run. and if yes, what are they and what they are all about ?

Answer: I created NanaGist last year, plainly for news and entertainment which currently is up for sale.  You can contact me if interested.

9. Give us the latest statistics of your blog (Visitors, daily page views, earning and other stats that you want to share)?

Answer: As at last week, I do have over 1,000 visitors daily depending on current situation, Google adsense isn’t paying much so I go more into personally looking for advert for my blog.

10. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Answer: I post during my spare time and mostly at night, because i tend to think better then.

11. How much time do you really spend on blogging?

Answer: At least 2/3 hours a day,  I come later @night to respond to important comments.

12. What do you think is the best strategy you use to get more traffics to your blog?

Answer:  Creating a post about my latest topic/tutorials on, stumbled upon, e. T.c

13. What do you really think is the best social media strategy for getting more traffics to a blog?

Answer: Advertising mainly on Facebook and any popular one.

14. How important is Facebook to you in blog promotion efforts and do you think it is important for a blogger to have a Facebook group or page ?

Answer:  Less important, Facebook traffic can be unreliable sometimes.

15. How many social media channels do you think a blogger should have accounts on ?

Answer: As much as possible.

16. Images for blog posts is very essential. Do you normally create your own images or do you get them from the Google or websites and give credit back to the original source ?

Answer: Get them mostly from Google and watermarks them with my blog url.

17. Bounce rate is one of Google’s algorithm signals that tells them whether people are engaged on a blog. What do you do to keep your bounce rate very low?

Answer:  No special things been done.

18. It is often hard to get new contents for blogger. How do you find new source of contents for your blog? 

Answer: I think about issues mostly I encountered or problems Brought to me by my fans, and post about it when I get the perfect solution.

21. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Answer:  Last year when Google removed my adsense for more than 8 months, it cause lot of discouragement and drastic drop of my blog traffic.

22. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?

Answer: Jide ogunsaya (, Jims (, and some I can’t  think of right now.

23. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog running?

Answer:  Because am passionate about what i do.

24. What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Answer:  Getting traffic into your blog.

25. Have you met any famous or interesting personnel on your blogging journey?

Answer: Yes.

26. Do you have any specific goals to be achieved for the rest of this year?

Answer:  Yes,  targeting to have more traffic from overseas.

27. Do you normally set goals you want to achieve each year for your blog?

Answer:  Yes.

28. When do you really feel is the right time to monetize a blog ?

Answer:  Imediately you get a domain and well attractive interface.

29. How do you monetize your blog?

Answer:  Throw out freebies, advertise it online and ask peeps to invest and get a return every month, trust me.  It does work.

30. If a blogger were to monetize their blog by providing direct services, kindly suggest some direct services that you would recommend experience and new bloggers reading this interview? 

Answer:  Drop your mail, and keep records of people you have done business with to make you look legit.

31. How would you rate your own blog on a scale of 1 to 10 and why would you rate it that way ?

Answer:  6/10

32. How would you rate SABTrends Blog on a scale of 1 to 10 and why would you rate it that way?

Answer: 5/10

33. What do you suggest for SABTrends team to grow the Blog?

Answer:  Keep doing what you do best and don’t chase the money yet.

SABTrends team uses this medium to appreciate and thanks Mr. Aliu Olaniyi,  the owner of Niyonice Tech Blog for taking our interview. We wish the blog a successful journey in the blogging sphere. For latest info and updates on tech then kindly visit Niyonice Tech Blog

Thank you.