Top 5 Signs Of Diabetes You Should Know


    Diabetes as one of the latest disease which has claimed many lives as a result of ignorance. If the signs of the disease are known then it can easily be prevented. I am very sure these signs can help many lives which would have claimed by the lack of knowledge.

    According to World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes is also associated with many other related diseases like obesity, physical incapability and rapid increases in overweight. Diabetes as a disease may be difficult to be noticed because its develop slowly over periods of time. The worse part of it is that it may be also difficult to diagnose.

    For proper prevention and early treatment of diabetes then these early signs should be noticed. The early it is being noticed the better for its prevention and proper treatment.

    The following are the top five (5) early signs of diabetes:

    1- The Extreme Thirst
    When you notice a high degree of wanting or needing of drink or water. The extreme thirst is, without doubt, one of the first early noticeable signs of diabetes. The worse side of the effect of this feeling for water or drink at a high degree is that the water or drink will never satisfy the thirst. If you notice this symptom of unsatisfied the willing of water or drink at such high level then make sure you see your doctor.

    2. Substantial Increase in Hunger
    One of the early signs of diabetes is the feeling of hunger at also a higher level. The feeling of increase in hunger is also known as Polyphagia. Polyphagia as one of the early symptoms makes you feel for intense hunger and the willingness to satisfy the feeling. This feeling is caused as a result of the inability of the cells in the body to absorb sugar anymore. This inability of the cell to absorb because of lack of an insulin then it results into intense hunger.

    3. Excessive Urination
    When the urination is no more at a normal level, that is, when you see or feel your urination seems abnormal then you should visit a care center. This frequent or excessive urination is also termed as polyuria. Polyuria is a situation when the sugar level in the blood is at the high level. When the sugar level in the body is at a higher level it results into frequent and even excessive urination.

    4. The Blurred Vision
    The inability to see things very clearly is one of the early signs of diabetes. Whenever you experience a situation of a blurred vision you be cautioned. Blurred vision also results from the high level of sugar in the blood sugar. This high level of sugar in the blood causes fluid in the body to shift into the lens of the eye. Though the blurred vision can be prevented early before it turns into a critical moment, it can be done by reducing our sugar intake which will normalize the level of sugar in the blood.

    5. Slow Rate Of Healing Wounds
    Another symptom you should know is the slow rate of healing wounds. The high level of sugar in the blood causes poor circulation of blood in the body makes wound healing very slow. Whenever you experience a wound being healed at the slower rate it is as a result of high sugar level in the blood which is also an early symptom of diabetes.

    Kindly share this helpful tips with at least one person to save live. Ignorance has killed many people. Remember that health is wealth.

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    1. Diabetes is really a very debilitating disease with so many potentially fatal complications. It is imperative to be able to recognize it at the earliest stages in order to stem its progress.

    2. I know a few people with diabetes and yes, it can be fatal. They are so careful with everything that they do and with the things they eat, carrying around insulin and food journals. Some don't do anything at all. It's in my family but I hope it never makes it's way to me.

    3. This is a very enlightening post specially nowadays when the incindence of diabetes has been increasing steadily around the world. I dread the disease that is why we in our family make it a point to avoid too much sugar and eat only foods that are healthy.

    4. These are five simple signs that I need to take note of. My family have a history of diabetes so I have to watch out for my health as well. Good thing that you wrote this post because it reminds me of what I need to observe in my body.

    5. Great post on how to pick up signs of diabetes! It's really not an easy disease and I hope more people learn to be careful of these signs and go get checked. In some cases, it can be kept under control. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to a way more serious and harder to manage situation.

    6. Diabetes is terrible, and it's high maintenance too. The meds are not that cheap and you'd have to take them regularly, missing one can be a reason for you to go to the ER. It's really important to be aware of these signs.

    7. This information was so needed! Most people don't know the signs of diabetes and it's great that you shared them. A nutritionist I know has a daughter with diabetes and they discovered it because of her bad breath, which is another sign. It is a very particular bad odor.

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