Benefits of Learning To Play The Role of An Actor


    It is pertinent to learn and play a role now in order to mold your future role. Your future is not always determined by the personality you have. You should also know that your personality does not say what you will be in the future. Appearances sometimes seem tricky, a handsome man you think he’s looking could make him a rich man might be an average man in future whereas an ugly man who you think money will never fit him might come to be the richest in the society.

    For this, you ought to learn to play a role, I mean a role of an actor now. From this acting role, you will surely learn a lot of things, you will surely gather experiences and inspiration. For example, taking a role as a senior prefect of your school makes you defeat the fear of facing the crowd and stage fright.

    However, let me give another plain example you will understand better. In a film, especially an action movie, we all love great and powerful actors. Have you ever asked yourself the question why do the majority of people like those actors? Yes, the majority of people like those powerful and great actors not because they are handsome or beautiful but it is only because of the roles they play in those movies. Imagine this, why we seem to dislike those who are enemies to the actor in movies? It is nothing but just because of the roles they play as many people see it ‘bad acting’ or ‘ugly actors’.

    With experience, it has been shown many people are afraid to take a role as an actor. Many are afraid of the challenges they will face in the course of playing that role. An example of such people are the ugly actors.

    Finally, taking a bold step to feature a role of actor builds you for your future. Great men of today are those who were not afraid to take-up and face challenges then. No matter how small the roles be it class captain, senior prefect, maintenance perfect, President of your department, and other roles whenever you find yourself. You might not know how beautiful it is now until you realize in the future. It is just a playing ground to rehearse then the reality awaits you in the future.

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    1. This is a more elevated rephrasing of the fake it till you make it mentality. You might be shy, but you can act confident until you discover you are, and it can work in some cases. I'd like to point out though that not all antagonists are hated in movies. Think of Loki in the Marvel universe. He lies, cheats, and tricks, and still has a huge following 🙂 Why, it's still the person we should flock to hate? Is it impeccable acting? Or is it that the role suits what we associate with Loki? Or that we relate to him.

    2. I know that acting is not my forte. I am usually a very open book about what I feel at a certain time. I did try performing in a musical play once, I was more nervous about the acting than the singing.

    3. As they say, fake it 'til you make it. Being an extrovert, I've never had problems doing this as I'm really open with new things. On a side note, I did use to do stage acting from when I was in prep school 'til high school 😀

    4. Well, preparing yourself towards reality, playing roles and taking time understanding what your responsibility towards that position would really make a big difference when life tries to test you then. but I believe, it's just a matter of understanding and preparing yourself to whatever is destined to you.

    5. They say that for someone to be able to survive in this world, we need to have good acting skills. This is to boost our social connections. We need to see to it that what we say or do suits the person we are dealing with.

    6. I agree that it is important to prepare yourself for the roles that you will be playing later on in life. There is nothing like establishing a good foundation to create a solid personality which will help you in effectively performing your task whether it be in your job or in school. Practice makes perfect.

    7. Being an actor is very challenging because he has to convince the audience that he's really into character. It will help if there's a great director to coach the scenes as well.

    8. I've tried a bit of acting during my school days. It is not that easy as how we would often see as part of the audience. The internalization, the creativity that goes with it, and the art of reaching out to the audience are things that are not easy to do. Often you act so hard, yet not get some reaction from others, you feel you failed as an actor. I've worked with celebrities, too, and I am often saddened by how the public perceive them because of the role they take, which is, after all, part of the job.

    9. Ok, I do acting but I don't really get your post on "being important to be an actor". Some people can't act and that doesn't make them bad or a poor person~

    10. Welcome Tiffany Yong. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution. It is a good to play a role because it helps a lot. Thanks

    11. That definitely makes a lot of sense. When you imagine yourself playing that role, you'll definitely have more confidence when the time comes that you actually have to "play" it. Aside from that, taking up the challenge of accepting that role makes you convince yourself that you're built for it, and that you can be successful in it.

    12. Well said Elizabeth O. Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your meaningful contribution. Rehearsal lab to reality life that's just it. Thanks

    13. True. Even in movies when the actors take effort to study and observe people for a role, it shows and becomes an award winning performance. Pretty much the same in real life too.

    14. I guess each role we play is a stepping stone for the future role we are going to have. It's important to adopt to the role and learn from it.

    15. A lot have been said. Aside from actor, whatever you want to be in life you must work towards it. Thank for sharing this wonderful piece. I blog at

    16. Every role we find ourselves in, is a further push to where we are destined and should be properly carried out with passion. Actors indeed are iconic in their own right.

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