Every Second Counts In Your Life To Make An Impact

    The second can said to be the next after the first or inferior or subordinate but the second I mean in this article is not the definition above. The definition of a second I want to discuss in this article is the sixtieth part of a minute of time. Second, evolves to become minute, minutes evolve to become hours and hours evolve to become days we use in our life as a living being.
    I believe life started with the second. We came into existence as boy or girl in a twinkle of an eye call second. Life will cease to exist without a second. No achievement will be made without a second. You can only succeed in this world of uncertainty if you remember that your life started with second and value such seconds.
    It might be somehow ridiculous to you, thinking of it in another way that seconds to achieve in life. This is one of the big mistakes many people make in life, thinking seconds has no value at all. Many people only think of 24 hours, days, weeks, months or years to achieve success in life. Let’s take, for example, to build a wonderful house or mansion you ought to start from the foundation level. A house without a good foundation level will surely tumble soon. Never underrate a single second at all because all seconds count in your life. Taking this analogy, I think you should understand my point of valuing the secret of success which is ‘second’.
    Another scenario of life which has taught me a great lesson is a bitter experience of a brother who went for an interview for an employment opportunity. He has all the required qualifications by the organization, he did well during the interview and he was given a date for settlement of some terms related to the job.


    Unfortunately for him, he got to the venue on that day a minute late and sincerely he lost the despite the fact that he has almost gotten the job. What gave this man the fake confidence?  He taught he had gained the job already and underrated the value of ‘seconds’.

    I hope you can learn a great lesson from this scenario. I will enjoin you to think first of seconds not always days, weeks, months or years if truly you want to achieve highly targeted objectives. Not taking cognizance of a value of seconds simply means it will be accumulating which might aggregate to days, weeks, months or years of wastage. Therefore, valuing seconds on your life means you value minutes,  hours and days of your life and finally you value the period of your life.



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