Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Stop Watching Television


    Television as a medium where valuable informative, educative, cultural, sport and other programs are gained. We do enjoy watching television because we learn a lot from it. Many people used watching televisions as a way of relaxing or for fun. No matter how good or benefit you derive from watching television. Let me tell you this, do you know turning off your television will earn you a lot of good than watching it.

    If I will not exaggerate it. People normally spend not less than four (4) hours per day on watching television; in which these hours can be used for another valuable and interesting things. The following listed points below are just reasons why you should turn off your television.


    No doubt about this, television eats your time big time. The average people watch more than four (4) hours a per day. I think you can these valuable hours which is being wasted on watching television on interesting and rewarding things.


    This life is so interesting, valuable and wonderful to spend almost your whole time watching television. The funniest thing about people who waste most of their time watching television. They waste their precious time recapping whole conversations of movies, football matches or other TV programmes to their friends. However, when you ask them about their real lives. Sincerely they will have little or nothing to say or tell about their prestigious lives except television programmes they have used their whole hours to watch.


    As said earlier, you watching television for 6 – 7 hours per day. This will create little or no time for your family, friends or relatives. You might be thinking watching TV together with your family will grow your relationship, no no no it will indirectly reduce or breaks that relationship because you have no time to share experiences or time together with your family. All your valuable hours must not be used watching alone, find time to engage with them, do exercise, share memories and so on.


    As a matter of fact, the constant spending of your precious time watching television can make it addictive. As said above, some people use watching television for fun, for relaxation or calming down their nerves. If it has reached a level where you cannot control some situations like anger, sadness, depression or nerves without watching television then you have become addicted to it and which is not normally supposed to be.


    Buying a new brand television is a cost itself but that is not the cost expenditure I am talking about. To enjoy that flat screen called television with many interesting stations or channels then you have to pay for a weekly or monthly subscription.

    Finally, let me ask you a big question. Can you stop watching televisions or reduce the number of hours you spend on it?


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    1. Hmm thanks but to real it would be hard bro for someone to stop watch television because hm everywhere you go you must find television in the bank,supermarket,restorant,schools then tell me how which method bro anyway thank for the post.

    2. Well, thank you for your comment @Amodu

      I am not saying we should not watch television at all but I just stated its disadvantages for those who spend at least 4-6 hours per day watching television.

    3. Agree. I think it's time to focus more on relationships. After all family and friends matter more than these trappings of technology.

    4. I don't watch TV at all. We have one in the house but I ignore it. I still catch up with news and a few tv series online, but that's about it.

    5. Lacuna, Amanda Love and Alina, I really appreciate your comment. It is not that we must stop watching but spend less time

    6. No TV at home, 5 years and counting. We threw out the almost new one we had when we decided to remove it from our household. It just so happens that it was a tip given to us by Jerome San of Rich Dad Philippines in last week's workshop, he said that he doesn't watch TV, to protect his mind. We agree with him and all of those listed in this article. Glad to know we're not the only ones.

    7. But even if we have cable TV, honestly I do not watch a lot of TV series. I only watch Game of Thrones faithfully, no others. We still have the TV for news mainly.

    8. I think completely stopping from watching tv is a bit unreasonable. After all, you can watch relevant stuff like news and documentaries on the telly. I think balance is the key.

    9. You really make good points here but we can turn this around and make television watching as a bonding activity and to apply some of the lessons we see in it in our life to make us more interesting. We can probably watch television without going overboard. Plus, television watching is important to my chosen field of work.

    10. Marie and Claire, I agree with you on watching necessary and important thing like news and documentaries but not sitting down using whole hours to watch cartoons.

      Thanks for your meaningful contribution.

    11. I try as I might to limit our screen time at home. It doesn't come too easy when you have a family of couch potatoes who never run out of things to watch on the tellie.

    12. It's been a staple in my life and although I don't watch TV as often as I did, I would find myself watching shows to kill time. I do get your point though. And I think in this day and age, it's not just the TV but any other kind of technology. We should learn to limit our time using them.

    13. Very true, TV can strain relationships and makes people uninteresting. I had a friend who used to talk about various TV serials and I just couldn't put up with her!

    14. Thanks to all for your contributions. Though, it may be difficult stop watching TV totally but you can try and shift ground.

      The most difficult thing for human being is CHANGE. Try to change that bad habit

    15. interesting. some points i do agree but some i don't. its just knowing how much you should watch. everything in moderation

    16. Haha, I think Facebook and the internet are worse. I actually find it more refreshing to get off the internet and watch tv instead. Although I try harder to just get off technology as much as I can.

    17. Actually not only Television, other digital gadgets also cause similar side-effects. I think the key is to limit the usage.

    18. Thank you for the contribution. I hope you all visit here for more great articles to be enjoyed. However, don't forget to share it with others.

    19. Too much of anything is not a good thing. I have to disagree calling people to stop watching television because this is a social thing too. Imagine chatting with colleagues and you don't know anything that happened on the television…

    20. Tiffany, nobody is saying watching of TV is not good but the excessive or too much watching which results to wasting that's what people are saying is bad.

      Thanks for the contribution

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