Don’t Except Everyone To Understand Your Journey


    Life is a journey. A journey in this life is a challenge a true man must not run away from. Many challenges will come your way but you have to keep your head high and believe in yourself that you can overcome these challenges. This is your life, I mean your own life, you own it and you are free to navigate it to your own wish. However, you have started the journey already, or are you still waiting for a driver to take you? In the journey of life, you are the driver and passenger of your life. Nobody drives to your glory life. 

    Sincerely, not everybody will comprehend your journey. Many people in your area, environment, city or country may think your next direction should be left but inside you know you’re the next right and appropriate direction is right. For this, many will not understand the journey of your life. In addition, it is not important if they understand it or not but the most important thing is that, you must understand your own journey.
    Finally, you are in the world to live your own life not make everyone understands. Be courageous to face the challenges confidently. Never run away for challenges that will lead you to your dream land. Also, never compare your journey with other people’s journey in order to deviate from your path.
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