To Achieve In Life, Never Always Wait For The Letter “O”

    letter o
    Life waits for nobody. According to the Geologists, they say the earth rotates and moves each second. Why would you a living wait or cease to move to achieve your daily goals or make your dream come true? I have come to realize that many people in the world often wait for letter “O” which is not a good thing. The type of people that wait for this letter will never see any good thing in their days every day they have the chance to be a living in this world. 
    This letter “O” is very pertinent that whoever misses it might not come across it again. It is better to maximize the letter “O” and avoid you regretting later. This life is of plenty of letter “O” but you know human being with their nonchalant attitude believes in one of the scientific theories that say whatsoever goes up will surely come down, unknowing to them that the theory itself has some exceptional cases.


    The letter O I’m talking about is “OPPORTUNITY”. Opportunity waits for nobody, for this reason, maximize it when it comes to your side. As a popular saying goes, opportunity lost can never be regained. Therefore, never toy with any opportunity that comes your way. Who knows may it might the only biggest and wonderful opportunity you will ever have in your life. Misusing of opportunities will never land into any good mood than the ugly state called “REGRET”.
    Many even believe that their opportunity will never be now or can never come now. Let give me you and state the mathematical approach of opportunity’s theory before my hang and stop typing. I will tell where and when you can find your opportunity.


    YESTERDAY: The letter “O” does not exist in the word yesterday. Yesterday is a gone day, therefore you cannot find your opportunity there.
    TODAY: The letter “O” does exist in the world today. Today is the current moment of your life, therefore there is any tendency for you to grab your opportunity. Never wait for the opportunity that there is not the certainty that it come next day or next week. Make use of today’s opportunity.
    TOMORROW: The letter “O” does exist in multiple in the word tomorrow. Mind you, tomorrow here does not mean next day, it is the future day. There are many opportunities for you in the future but only and only if you maximize your daily opportunity. Never relax and say my opportunity will come in the future, no need to stress yourself. No, grab the little opportunity in your today and see today’s opportunity grows to become multiple opportunities for you in the future.
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