How To Stay Positive During Good Or Bad Times


Positive thinking is a strong mental thing. As a matter of necessity, you cannot things are done rightly without getting motivated. There are many things which can motivate you to achieve your goals or objectives. Though positive thinking shows a state of seriousness but to the extent of misconception have about it. People have misunderstood what the positive thinking is itself. Being a positive thinker doesn’t mean you ignore your people, family members, friends or avoid participating in the society.But if it is that is what you called positive thinking then you are thinking another way round. positive

Positive thinking for me is a matter of time. Do you agree with me? Let me explain it, you can only think positively when you are comfortable with your current situation.

Do you expect someone who is en-battling with many problems to think the same way a happy and comfortable does? No, it is not possible, you cannot expect an individual going through a number of problems or disasters to forget his current bad moment to start thinking the way you think or someone who faces to enjoy his life,
living in difficult circumstances will you such person to get eager-ed the way you will start thinking positively right away.

For example, a rich man will surely think more positive way than a person who is unable to secure his 2 meal a day. Impossible, it is easier to think positively and comfortably when your situations is in control and you with ease, but
not when in the midst of problems, challenges, disasters or a harsh situation,
unless such person in this difficulties moment has been equipped with strong mental advice to do so.

Moreover, how can you motivate yourself by thinking positive when amidst disaster or huge problems? I will try to analyze the following points below. I hope it will work for any person who finds himself in the situation.

– Believe and tell yourself no matter how hard the situation right now, believe things will get better.

– Never let your mood aggravate the matter. Smile and smile even if it is to force yourself to smile for no reason.

– Never run away for your problem. Welcome your problems, there are benefits in welcoming it because it gives you the way forward to solve or overcome the challenges.

– Never say to yourself, can I ever get out of this bad moment?

– Actions speak louder than voice. Never keep on talking and talking, just wake up and act in order to get back on the right course.

– Find solutions to the problems at hand.

– See yourself as your problems, never blame anybody for your problems or troubles. Have it in mind, you are the problem then you are also the solutions.


In addition, when you are in the bad moment or faced with problems or hardship, what good things will you ever achieve by blaming someone else for your problems or failure? Never let the period ruin everything. Problems are temporary, it will disappear soon but not freely, you need a positive mindset to get rid of it.

Being positive whenever you are through bad moments, it means you don’t allow challenges or problems to overcome or overpower you to affect your mood or state of mind. Be happy, never get lost. Behold that believe that you are a victor you must conquer the ugly moment you are facing. All these a fore-mentioned motivational tools stated above need a determined mind and also requires positive mindset.

Positive thinking simply means to be hopeful, and we all know hope brings light and happiness into our life.




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