3 Major Benefits Why You Should Welcome Problems


Though nothing in this world works perfectly, therefore, you should not let a minor problem demoralize you. Greet and entertain your problems with an open hand. A problem is a measurement device to measure not how far but how well things are going. It shows you some elements that are not functioning properly so that you can think of ways to find solutions.

It might sound somehow funny or illogical to you that welcoming your problem is a good thing. You may even think this is ironic but sincerely speaking nothing is as good as welcoming your problems when they visit you. The majority of people do fail to entertain and welcome their problems when they knock at their doors. Problems are like honourable guests who visit you but people try to avoid problems at all costs.

I will urge you to always see problems that arise as an opportunity for you to identify and fix some issues that are not working as they should be. That’s why successful people feel glad when faced with problems. This is because they know that there is surely positivity and benefits into facing problems facing them. There are three (3) major reasons and benefits why you welcoming your problem are very important.


What makes a man a better person? It is series of lessons he has learnt from problems he has overcome. From any problem you face in this world, you will surely learn one or two lessons. However, learning lesson or lessons are not only sufficient because you have to implement those lessons in order to be successful. For example, a student who knows that whenever he fails to prepare 2 weeks before the exam, he does score poor grades and the student keep studying 5 days to the exam. He has learnt a lesson but failed to change for better.


Welcoming problem points out what is not working properly and need to be fixed. As said earlier, nothing runs perfectly in this world. Your problem should be welcomed if truly you want to succeed and overcome such problems. See yourself as your problem likewise see yourself as the solution. Problem points out your fault to be fixed, it is an opportunity for you to look at ways you can solve the problems.


Running away or avoiding the problem will never give rooms for improvement. Welcoming your problems tells you this one is not working which gives you an opportunity to put things in their right places. Problems give rooms for improvement. Never turn blind eye to this opportunity because there are many people who are aware of their problems but do nothing to improve. Take the chance to sit down, look into where things have gone wrong and how to process new direction for a better result.

That’s why I love football, it is not just for fun. You learn a lot from it, a defeated coach after a match will say “you learn from defeat then you come back and you beat opponents next time”. This shows that problem and failures are not the ends of the road for you. They are just merely obstacles alongside the road in your journey way.


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