Top 3 Tips For A Successful Relationship You Should Know

Relationship as far I am concerned is a kind of similarity connecting persons or things together. In this life, you can have a relationship with anybody or anything. The best relationship you can ever have is a relationship with your family members, lover (wife or husband) and friends. Friends are helpers or sympathizers with whom you have mutual affection with.

For me, I believe nothing can be better without you have been faced with some challenges. For a relationship to be strong and better, there are some moments in that relationship of yours with other that you have fought, misunderstood your partner or made a number of mistakes.

I have passed through this before, as a student in secondary school you fought your mates, in your environment at home you fought many neighbours and so on. However, as you are growing and moving forward there is a need to realize on how to build great and better relationships with people.

With my experience, I have learnt three important things or tips that I’ve helped me to have a great and better relationship with other people.


Appreciating your friends, family members or your lover is very very important. Never take for granted what a partner or friend do for you, doing this discourage them. Always appreciate their good gesture towards you. A mere “Thank you” is enough to appreciate what they have done for you and be specific on what you are appreciating them for. You can also present them an affordable gift which makes them feel appreciated. I have done this and it is a tool I do use to make my relationship with people in the business world, friends, family members and other ways a better one.


Appreciating people is very important but making them feel special is another great way to make your relationship better. Sincerely, as a human being, we all want to feel special. We all adore those who treat us in a special way. If someone treats you in a special way, I am sure you will reciprocate with a special treatment too. Do care more about them, ask them about their lives, their days, their current situation, their interests, listen to them attentively, be very supportive to them and other special treatment.


Pointing out of faults of people around you more often makes them feel discouraged or create a gap between you and them. As a matter of fact, you ought to correct your people but not with criticism. To correct people around you, kindly tell them their weaknesses and what are the ways to be adopted to adjust their behaviour. Criticism is very hard for people to receive because it seems like a punch in their face. Therefore, people surely prefer to get motivated by praise than criticism. Use the praising method over criticism method to correct your people for a better relationship.

Moreover, I have taken these three (3) things as a tip to foster my relationship with others. My relationship has grown and has enjoyed a greater peace and success has built a great relationship with these tips over the years.

I hope you find these three (3) tips helpful or have you applied these tips before? Let me know how they have worked for you.


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