What Really Makes You A Real Man Or Woman?

A big question to ask yourself. Are you really a man or woman that most people called you? Well, the answer is simple because your utterances and actions tell the world really that you are a real woman or man. As a matter of fact, being a ‘real’ man or woman does not mean you possess all wealth of this world, building of houses or mansion, buying the most expensive car of the 21st Century, go everywhere with a gold chain on your neck and other luxurious things of this world.
The mistake people do make is that when you have all the fore-listed items then they see you as a real man. It is capital NO. All these materials or items mentioned do not make you a man. Some may even think it is when born a handsome boy or beautiful lady that is when you become the real human being, which is not so.


This is where I am going. What makes you a real human being? It is obvious or crystal clear that the only thing that makes you not ‘a real human being’ but ‘the real human being’ is the voluminous amount of challenges you have faced and overcome. As people, we say “Experience is the father of all source of knowledge”, what you have gone through and conquered in this world makes you the real man or woman. Sincerely speaking, it is not easy to face challenges and overcome them. When you face challenges and overcome then, it means you have a superior being which is your Creator by your side.

You can never be a real man or woman if these two elements are not your pinpoint. The two pointers are “Work” and “Pray”. When you are faced with challenges, you need to work hard to find solutions to them while simultaneously you also make prayers to God to assist you in this course. Some believe solely in their abilities to carry out things while leaving their god who can really make things easier for them.

Finally, as you are starting your day make sure you work towards finding solutions to the challenges and also pray to make everything more easier.

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