FILSU ELECTION 2016: The True Story behind it and The Way Forward

    Greatest Nigeria Students, Articulate Nigeria Students and ever-conscious Federation Iwo Land Students’ Union (FILSU).
    Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    December 28th, 2015 a day that was scheduled for a Federation Iwo Land Students’ Union (FILSU) election at the level of National Headquarters but which was masterly marred by some political elements, the ISEC committee and some uncultured youth so called the future of tomorrow. December 28th, 2015, a day that will long be remembered in the history of FILSU National level because of its irregularities and odious display of some elements to disrupt the election.

    I think FILSU election is meant for the great students of our dear land to elect and vote in their new executives on a free and fair basis. However, the reverse was the case as a result of the pre-election involvement of some political forces. The union suddenly turned to a political party issue, where some aspirants were backed up by political forces, when the electoral committee members had an interest in some aspirants and when the electoral commission is being summoned by the so-called stakeholders and political elements in order to work in favour of some aspirants.

    A question begging for an answer is, when will the youth of this land realize they are the future of this great land and when will the youth get liberated from these old people and selfish elders? It is high time we stood up against all oppressors. Nigerian youths are their own enemies. We must come together to fight corrupt leaders and politicians.

    I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice, and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the system of exploitation. FILSU needs to be reformed, we need competent, determined, composed and vibrant youth who are ready to resist the pressure of politicians. Many things need to be looked into by the current leadership of the union;


    As a matter of necessity, the name must be re-defined for the sake of future election at the national level, because the name is being misconstrued. Iwo Land is defined as a combination of Iwo, Ayedire and Ola-Oluwa. I think the other two have had their separate unions as FASU and FOSU respectively. For the sake of clarity, this must be looked into to avoid future and unforeseen challenges.

    2- CONSTITUTION: The current leadership of the union must take the review of our constitution as a top priority.

    3- ELECTION CRITERIA: Election criteria have the factor to elect new executives must be thoroughly looked into. Enough of election irregularities and manipulation. Our electoral commission must devise processes to stop non-students and thugs to participate in an election that is meant for bonafide students of our land.

    4- THUGGERY: It is highly pathetic seeing many youths who are called future of tomorrow are use by politicians nowadays. Unfortunately, the FILSU election was even distrusted by some students who were induced with monetary benefits. Some youth have sold their lives to the so-called elders and politicians (selfish leaders) because they believe or think they have no future. My candid piece of advice to you my brothers and sisters, kindly think twice don’t let any politician nail down your bright future or trade your future with the miscellaneous amount. No politician owns your future, only Almighty God and you yourself can determine your future.

    5- STAKEHOLDERS: Some stakeholders in FILSU are just like godfathers in politics; who collect from Paul and Peter to support them. However, we are all stakeholders because we all have the interest to move the union higher.

    In addition, it is so disappointing that politicians used FILSU election period as a market to trade gestures between them. I feel so so saddened when unrelated things have been attached to our union. What correlation does Governorship election 2018 has with FILSU election 2016? Do remember, though, that sometimes the people you oppress become mightier than you would like.

    Iwo Land has been retarded in term of growth and development as a result of the selfish interest of some elders and politicians who have sold our future for monetary benefits. Unity and love we need to move Iwo land to a greater height.

    To the old people and selfish leaders who tagged themselves as elders and politicians. It is time to think of it that you are almost at the last chapter of your history book. Have you proof-read or reviewed all the chapters you’ve written down so far? Posterity will either rain curses or blessings on you after reading your history book.

    Message for those who think the money, power, and arrogance will be with them for life. 6ft will end everything.

    More write-ups to be published soon.





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