Top 10 Challenges You Will Face As You Are Getting Older


This life is so sweet when you live long there, witnessing or celebrating a birthday of 60, 70 or 80 years. However, there are some challenges you will face as your number in age increases. It is certain these challenges may be coming your way.

According to University of Texas Medical School, Division of Palliative Medicine there are some challenges faced by aged people the likes of Dementia, Poly-pharmacy, Caregiver Burnout and others. However, these challenges can also be prevented at the early stage or manpower stage before they reach old age. The following are the common ten (10) challenges battled by many aged people.

1. PROBLEM OF FUNCTIONAL DECLINE: As a matter of fact, when we get old day by day our ability to do some tasks reduce. What you can do at the of 23 or 24 might come to be a difficult task to carry out at the age of 52 or 65. That is, changes in the body system as a result of the increase in age can result in loss of physical force like muscle mass, changes in balance and other factors that enhance our impact day in day out an operation.

2. DEPRESSION: It is crystal clear that many old or aged people stay or live in isolated room or city. Isolation makes you feel depressed and non-sense of belonging in the society. Isolation makes aged people feed sad and depressed.

3. DISEASES: Disease is another challenge faced by people as the age increases. Diseases are not developed a day, it is formed over a period of time. Aged people are faced with different diseases which can affect their daily living and quality of life.

4. NEGLECT AND ABUSE: Neglecting older person contributes to the challenges faced by them. Depression sometimes is caused by people neglecting the older persons which makes things worse for them. However, abusing the older people is also a challenge faced by aged people, many are abused by young lad or neighbours.

5. FINANCIAL EXPLOITATION: Majority of older people are faced with financial exploitation. An older person who stays alone can be exploited by a seller or anybody who wants to provide the aged people a service. Older people are prone to this exploitation or scam.

6. PROBLEM OF POLY-PHARMACY: This is a challenge I don’t think any older person can avoid or bypass. Poly-pharmacy is a term used to mean “many medications” that is, older people tend to take different medications from different doctors for the health problem. These different doctors will prescribe medicine and instructions to follow. Different medications from different doctors can cancel each other out or causes another unwanted and even dangerous side effects.

7. PROBLEM OF VISION: Vision problem is a great challenge faced by many older people. As the age increases, then the ability to see objects clearer seems to be reducing.

9. FALLING: The combination of vision problems, weakness, loss of balance and other listed above problems facing aging people cause falling. In addition, a loss of bone density makes the falls to become very serious.

10. DEATH: Death is inevitable. All human being will die because it is part of us. All the challenges mentioned can be overcome but death can never be overcome. As we are increasing in age we would have witnessed the death of friends, classmates, neighbors and even our loved ones. Death is the most difficult an aged being will face because of no way and no solution for it.