OAU Student Creates New Grammatical Word To Be Added To Dictionary

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    Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) popular known for her greatness and one of the best universities in Nigeria. One of the students of this great citadel of learning suddenly creates a new grammatical word which I think should be added to the next Advanced Dictionary or Oxford Dictionary that will be produced.

    During the last parliamentarian sitting held OAU at Awolowo Hall Reading room called Awo Cafe last week Friday. The honourable members of the House were discussing and deliberating on budget of the current administration. To my surprise, a member of the House stood up to criticize one of the leaders of the executive members by describing the person of using ‘Ronadolistic behaviour‘,.  I was astonished, what did I hear; ronaldolistic behaviour by even demonstrate it.

    However, the meaning of this new word formed by the honourable member is being deduced from one the current best player best in the history of football. The word derives its origin from Ronaldo popular known as Cristiano Ronaldo. Also, Ronaldo, who is from Portugal and plays for Real Madrid in the Spanish league and the player who is the current all-time goal-scorer. The attitude of the player when his scores, pointing at himself where some people take it as being rude and selfish.

    RONALDOLISTIC : Being selfish, thinking of taking all the glory alone and being rude.

    I hope this new word will be added to the next dictionary that will be published. Therefore, if not I know Nigerian likes their things (Nigeria-made).So, we will be making use of our words.

    OAU students are known for brilliance so it is not a surprise.

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